Urban Crusing


Urban Crusing is an online publication created with a modern family in mind. The inspiration behind the publication was the release of Stokke's** connection line of strollers - Xpory, Crusi, and Scoot - and Stokke's devotion to the their vision of "in the best interest of the child". Urban Crusing focuses on arts, innovative design and latest research with a purpose of enriching lives and creating happier families. From the newest inspiring choreography to travel, latest research on health or child development, style suggestions or beauty tricks, newest products or the most interesting places to visit, we are committed to bringing only the best to you and your loved ones.

Join us in Explorations’  Eats for the best foods San Francisco can offer, as well as many other places as we or our editors Travel. Walk with us to the hidden treasured places only locals would know about. Explore different cultures through Arts, where will will connect  you to the finest modern artists and legends of the past.

Hop on to the Scoot Club to find everything you need for yourself and your little one. Our talented editors will have all your Activities needs covered , be it a rainy day or a trip to the beach. Get inspired by the life stories of some of the most admirable women from the previous decades and connect to modern families of the present in the Be Inspired section. It is also a great source for some styling ideas for any modern family.

After 10 years of intensive research, we and our editors are happy to share our absolute best, unique and innovative finds In the Best for Babies and Kids section, backed up by research and tried and proven by the most important testers: our children.

We are very happy to finally be able to personally publish Babushka Anya’s Tales. Created by Anna Voronina, and translated by us, Babushka Anya’s Tales will engage your child’s imagination in a fairy-tale style of learning. Join us for a weekly story time, and peek in for a short rhyme through-out the week. Babushka Anya’s Tales currently are offered in two languages: English and Russian.

Stop by Daily Crusing to join us in our day-to-day Urban Crusing life. We will share with you our new finds as we explore all of the corners of San Francisco and the rest of the world.

We are also pleased to bring to our lineup the Spotlight and Noteworthy sections. Here you will find thorough, real-world reviews and insight into the top products on the market as well as articles which highlight and feature companies whose products excel in artistic design as well as exceptional quality.

Welcome.  We are happy to have you as a part of our Urban Crusing family.


**Disclaimer: Please note, although Urban Crusing was inspired by Stokke's vision and dedication to children, Urban Crusing is not an officially sanctioned/created website by Stokke, LLC. All editorial content of Urban Crusing publication is copyright© Urban Crusing, LLC. Please refer to the advertising and editorial policy for more details.