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Advertising and Editorial Policy

Editorial policy: The information shared on Urban Crusing and written by Urban Crusing editors is based on personal belief, research and opinions. We focus on interesting, design conscious and most innovative products that we believe are the best. Urban Crusing does not work for any particular brand. Sponsored Content: On certain occasions Urban Crusing partners with companies for unique content that we find would be of interest to our readers for a sponsored post. When so, we will always tell you. Please note that the brands included in a publication are the brands we love and trust.

For Companies that wish to work with us: At Urban Crusing we showcase innovative, artistic, and contemporary products that would enrich lives of modern parents. We welcome all the brands that can support our vision of making parenthood stylish, easy, and rewarding. Please contact us for more information by filling out the form below or by visiting our Media Page.

For advertising and sponsorship, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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