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A Story about Letters.

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My Dear Friend! Do you know who am I? I am English Language. Yes, that very same language that was spoken by your great-great-great-great-great grandparents, the language that speak you Mommy and Daddy, your brothers and sisters, you , your friends and many other people on the planet. I am sure that your cats, doggies, birds, and even hamsters if do not speak, then for sure think in English.

Why do I think so? Because I am more then 1000 years old, and I have heard and seen maaaaany things. There are many stories that are written about me, but I will tell you my favorite ones. So, here is story number one : A STORY ABOUT LETTERS.



Chapter 1. Into the Alphabet City. “ A long, long time ago there was a large flock of birds flying South. The path was long. And as the day started to come to a close, the Leader told the birds that the flock will spend the night on the field, and with the first signs of the light, even before the sunrise, they will again rise up to the sky.

The night passed by quickly, and with the first trickle of the light the birds spread the wings and took off to continue their journey. But it appeared that some of the birds were sleeping so soundly, that they did not hear Leader’s command and remained in the field, sleeping.

But the field was no ordinary field. It was magical.

Everyone who remained in the field when the first rays of the Sun touched the ground turned into symbols, and the sleeping flock was no exception. But our birds - and there were 26 that were still sleeping - did not know that, and that is why when woken up by the Sun, they were greatly surprised, even a little scared , when they looked around: there was no one in the field except for some strange little characters. And since there was no mirror for the birds so see, each and every bird was sure that it was the ONLY ONE left behind among all these strange things, and tried to quickly fly away to catch up with the flock.

But nothing happened. There were no more wings…

No matter how hard the birds tried to get up to the sky, it was all in vain. What is there to do?! Now that there are no wings, thought the birds, how they are going to live? Will anyone ever need them or want them, because they are so … so strangely shaped. Oh, the birds were so very sad , they started to cry.

The Sun, seeing how said the birds are, smiled at them, gave them a warm and loving kiss and said: “ Don’t be upset! You are very needed! You will be able to teach everyone how to read and write. But for that to happen, you need to go over the English river on the Letter bridge and go all the way up the Knowledge Hill. There is new life there! Be brave and hurry up! “

The tears dried up, and birds - characters , just in the order they were sitting on the field, got up and started to walk one after the other, all 26 of them, just like a long train. Soon they saw something glowing in front - it was the Sun and its rays reflecting in the clear waters of the English river and everything looked just so much more magical and happier.

“Well, be brave! Go forward! Only remember that every one of you can only step on just one rock”  - said the Sun.

The second the very first bird-character stepped on the first rock, she realized that there rock was actually not a rock, but a soft ball and the ball popped, and out - with a loud, but very pleasant sound [ei] - flew a tag that read: “ Letter A” . The tag bumped into the bird-character with such a force that the bird-character fell into the water. When she got to the shore, all wet and dripping water-ink, everyone saw that she transformed into a beauuuutilful tall letter “A” that had a head band with a little symbol “a” on it.

“Now you are a letter “Aa” “ - said the Sun. “ And you - the Sun turned to another wet letter that was just climbing out  - are a “Bb”” . That is exactly how the birds-characters turned into letters with beautiful names [ei], [bi:i], [ci:]…  “And “ - added the Sun, - “when you are walking up to the Knowledge Hill you need to sing your names loudly, so that the Knowledge Hill can hear who is coming up the top and lets you through. And remember too , how you are going to sing your names up on the Knowledge Hill, that is how your names will sound to everyone almost always. Everything depends on you. “

Letters, very happy and pleased, started to walk up the Knowledge Hill, each singing his or her own name in the very unique way. But the steeper the hill got, the quieter the signing became. More and more it started to sound like huffing and puffing : [p], [f], [h], [m], [b]… Only 5 letters ( Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu) were still singing their songs loudly, and you could hear those songs chiming together almost all the way at the top, while the songs of others turned almost into whispering.

Finally the letters gathered at the sunlit top of the Knowledge Hill who said:


“ I hear the very melodic songs of the five of you - you will be living on the Vowel Street in the Alphabet City. The residents of that street love to sing a lot and be very loud. All the rest of you will be living on the Consonant Street. Each of you will live in your own little house, and your door bell will be the melody of your own song that I heard as you got to the very top of the hill. Now, look down. Do you see the very unique Alphabet City? It is divided into many different blocks with different streets on them. Every block of the Alphabet City belongs to each own neighborhood, and while the residents are very friendly, it is very important that you live in your own neighborhood. Do you see that square block right that says English? Right there in the center? Why in the center? Because English Language is spoken by many, many people around the world. Now, you will live in your Alphabet Block neighborhood in the Alphabet City and help everyone to learn read and write in English. Best of luck to you, my dear Letters!”

As the letters started to go down the Knowledge Hill into the Alphabet City, the letter “Yy” was very said. The singing letters ( the vowels) saw that and asked why she was so said. Letter “Y” said that she wanted to live on the Vowel Street too, but now it was impossible. The Vowels felt so sad for her, but they didn’t know what to do.

“I know what to do!” - exclaimed the letter “Ii” - “ we can live together in one house! just like sisters-twins and sing together the same song! Do you agree? “

Delighted and thankful letter “Yy” hugger her friend “Ii” and together all the letters ran happily into the Alphabet City… “

Until the next time, my dear Friend!

                                                                                                             With love, Babushka Anya