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The sun and fog traded places in SF this week, and if there is one thing we've learned from living here, it is that these are the times when you take complete advantage of the warmth and beauty. We trailed our way to our favorite Little Italy through the crookedest street in the world to the Michelangelo park.

One of the small local secrets , this park has my heart : it's hidden among the houses and gardens, it is not something that pops to your eye but when you walk in, you never want to leave. Feels nothing like a typical playground, it's our "secret garden" of SF.

*stroller parked, backpacks off, dolls are in waiting, and the team is off to play:

*sisterhood: it's all about playing together, right?!


*the little gentleman had time of his life, and watching him glow made my day one of the happiest. it's seeing them discovering things for the first time, seeing them being so excited about putting two-and-two together about something new, what makes parenthood so incredibly fulfilling. nothing to compare to. absolutely nothing.

2-in-1 : Mister Unstoppable and Mister Independence :

*i got talked into sliding because "well, mommy, if you go slide, then the baby does too!" Can't argue with that, can I?


*and then the nice conversation about life followed at the bottom of the slide. the SF sun is just too nice to pass on whenever it wins over the rolling fog.

*don't let these gorgeous curls and blue eyes fool you: this little miss will outdo any boy out there. Her energy is the bomb, and climbing skills are on the Olympic competition level. A couple of pictures to prove my point: 

*once a baby himself, this almost-teen makes me wonder where the last 12 years disappeared to... Nikola, if you ever read this, you are the best older brother anyone could ever wish for, son.

*bubbles and balloons are unbeatable when comes to unlimited fun for this crew. rocket balloons for the win for sure. best $6 i've ever spent.

*and then Evyianne wanted a "turn all-on-his-own" ( naturally) . the 30 second long "adventure" that followed was so emotional that yet again i was thrilled the camera hardly ever leaves my hands. as often life would have it, this moment too would have gotten faded from the memory among the flow of new that comes every day. .but these are the moments that are worth remembering forever - i mean , just LOOK at the faces and the emotions they portray. no words necessary :)

*tucked away among the beautiful architecture and surrounded by gorgeous flowers, this playground has to be the most picturesque place to play we've been to in SF so far. the early afternoon sun reflecting the beauty of the hand-lade brick wall makes you feel you are placing your feet somewhere among the castle grounds of medieval Italy, instead of equally beautiful but very modern Little Italy of San Francisco in 2015.