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I'm usually not the type to post our personal pictures, but I was uploading my *20+ shame on me* memory cards yesterday, and this little face melted my heart, although I was sure it was softer then butter already. For my fashion conscious readers - forgive my lack of lipstick ( or much make up for that matter). It is just nice sometimes to smooch that little squishy face without leaving "lips" all over it ( although the older kiddies LOVE having "lip kisses" on - I don't know what it is about it. Makes it feel more real? ) 

Vasilisa is growing so fast. With each child the time just passes faster and faster. I thought that since Vasilisa is really my only child with who I consciously decided not to sign a contract and freelance so that I COULD watch her grow (since i didn't have that luxury with others) , days would be longer and slower and I'd wait for the next stage with anticipation. But in reality... I feel like I have a fast forward button on. I love to see her grow, but it is , oh, so bitter-sweet. She is attempting to walk - the little baby stomp-stomp steps. I had tears weld in my eyes.  

I watched the older threesome walk in front of me on the way back home. Two oldest on the sides and Yeva in the middle. Holding hands. Discussing a very important issue of who missed who most. I hope they take this friendship and love through their lives. It is the biggest gift that they can give each other.  Yesterday for 10000000th time I was so happy we were blessed with many children. Though it can get crazy  ( and we have plenty-ful of those days too), it is so worth the every minute.

 those cheeks!

She is so darn proud of herself here - a little wiggly worm REALLY wants to do it by herself:

Can you just see her BURSTING with pleasure? it's the best, really.

On the other note - I'm contemplating bangs.  Do or Don't?