Urban Crusing

An icon of perfection? Or...


Who doesn't know the classic black and white, the little black dress, the quilted purse. The "always" it colors - beige, gray, navy, black... Chanel. Genius. But... is she?

My admiration for Chanel is something words cannot describe. To create a TIMELESS legacy of what women throughout the world will call "classy", to break the rules and expectations of society, to be an icon of femininity , yet strength and independence at the same time, and THEN do it all , at the time when women were considered but a beautiful ( and useful ) addition to men and literally , having no other special skills other then desire and ambition to be FREE , is ... to be nothing less then a hero. And yet...

She created what we adore now. But at the time she did ... her inspirations were not from happiness, from nature or love. While , I am sure , a few things were created in a bliss of happiness, the majority came from ... trying to get even with her LIFE. She didn't have the money, hence is the cream jersey. It was an underwear fabric. But is was the cheapest. Her life was hard. Let me re-phrase, her life was impossible to live by anyone else by Gabriel herself. And at the times of most grief she created the little black dress, and other so much adored by us pieces. Her life was struggle with speckles of happiness, hence is the cream/gray/black/navy pallet with the tiny bursts of red and green here and there. She dived into work and produced more then ever, when grief was visiting, yet again. We adore and iconize the fruits of her ... misery?

Still she was a genius of her time. And , actually, everyone's time. Chanel is not only what she created - or her legacy now. She did not create thousands of tiny clutches now existing. But they all came from her little black bag. She did not like white - she loved cream. But black and white is now "HER" signature, even if she did not endorse it. Or simplicity of the modern design. Or... The beautiful flower in your hair . Or the heels paired up with the jeans. Or the fitted feminine jacket worn over the T... It's all Chanel. Yes, her creations included nothing like high heels. Yet, just like an artist who expresses himself on canvas, creates a new movement, Chanel created timeless definition of SENSE of beauty. While maybe not made by her direct hands, it is her creation.

PS I haven't seen the movie yet. If you have - please, share.