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Clohies love

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We are officially in LOVE with cloth diapers. I've never thought that I'd love them so much, and now I completely cannot imagine putting anything else but clothies on my baby's bummy.
Even though she's 10 months and definitely not small, I am still using the newborn diapers ( and loving them ) . Here are some tips for the things I've discovered.

* use ORGANIC only material if you want your diaper to function best. Organic bamboo velour is my FAVORITE, because it is wonderfully soft and absorbent AND has naturally antibacterial qualities, so that means a happy rosy bum-bum, no rashes. Another plus - velour is THIN, while absorbent. Translation? More layers, less bulk. Appealing.

* use terry/knits over wovens outers. WHY? Because knits stretch, and definitely makes your diapers last much longer. That is one of the reasons we are still able to use newborn diapers.

* use snaps over velcro. Less mess, more durable diapers, and much for diverse sizing.

* invest in the diapers. Do not 'save' money by buying cheap cloth diapers. Unless you are doing pre-folds, be ready to spend about $14 a peace for a newborn, and $20 for larger sizes. Some sites offer gently used , or seconds for less. Those ARE worth buying. But if the diaper you buy is PRICED at $9-10, simply avoid. You are most likely going to have to replace a diaper after 2 months. Not worth the initial money. With the good diaper you should not be limited in time. We are still using ours after 10 months, and loving it.

* you need 24 diapers to be happy. More , if you want to do laundry less. Don't try to go on 10, but also do not buy 50. Washing diapers every day ( or more) is just as annoying and difficult as doing a massive, dried out , stinky load. Just be smart.

* use wool covers ( knits or jersey). I love the wool jersey covers - thin, look like cute cover ups and do the job beautifully. Also... do not be afraid of letting your baby run cover-less. You'll be surprised how efficient those diapees actually are, and that , with changes every 2 hours, per se, you wont even wet the clothing ( most likely) and definitely have one happy baby.

Over all, cloth diapering is wonderful. From all aspects - whether environmentally, healthwise, or just ... simply because they are SO CUTE, and your baby's bum will be the most stylish around our block!