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Dear Santa...

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Dear Santa,
I've been exceptionally good this year. And , as you know, I had my list all done early. And kids and I have even written and delivered it to you in person at Macy's. But since the cold hit... I discovered that what I have is not enough to keep myself from freezing... So, about my list... Can you erase it all and get me these instead? I know it's a short notice, but I had really no idea that this part of the world CAN get THIS cold. I promise, I'll be even better next year!

And since Yeva can't really tell you... She'd REALLY like one of these:

I love you tons, Santa! I hope you read my blog soon!

PS : since you KNOW how freezing it's been here, and as I've been warned , it's just a start... and we know EVERY bone and feather in the Museum of Natural History... And love art so much... I mean, you really don't HAVE to... but you really like coming home to a BEAUTIFUL and CLEAN home, right? Over a ruin from a battleship... So... THIS one would be just the solution. No pressure , though. Just only if you like me sane... XOXOXO