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We are so happy to finally share with you all the news of a newest little one coming to us early July 2013!

We are happy, excited and , despite of a tough batch of morning sickness  that lasts all day long, I am savoring every minute of this very special time. 

Because this new little baby is our last ( we think) , I want to take a completely different journey this pregnancy with the main focus on taking pictures and sharing my thoughts, findings and feelings as I go. Believe it or not, I have the grand total of 2 or 3 pictures throughout all my pregnancies. Why - don't ask, because I am not so sure myself. But having wished for the past being different, I am going to try my best in present. 

There are so very many things that are on my mind. And even fifth time around, I have the same "should I or shound't I", "will we or won't we" questions come up, with one of them being :

Should we find out the sex of the baby? 

I've never been patient enough in the past, and found out the MOMENT I knew I could. 
This time around I still haven't found out yet, and am wondering if, maybe, we should wait? 
It would be fun to have a surprise at the end of the journey on one hand, but knowing whether it's a boy or a girl is also extremely fun. 

What do you think?
Did you find out or waited until the end?