Urban Crusing


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 Here are the hommies finals from apartmenttherapy.com . I was honored to be a part of the nomination and to be running up at the top throughout! Living Notes were running in top 5 for all the nomination duration until the last day , when , not sure what happened, but our votes dropped :(  by about 40... I'm heartbroken...

If you are a long time reader, you know my struggle with haters invading this space, and after a long break and relaunching this blog I was hoping that they moved on with life. I am fearing - from previous experience - that there might have been their hand in this ... But no more tears! Thank you all that love and support Living Notes - you have no idea how much your support means to me! I. LOVE. YOU! And I believe that together we can concur all, right?!

Please, vote for finalists! I, my hubby, sister and mom gave our voices to the four mammas that I love: BleubirdRockstar, Cup of Jo and See Jane . I can't tell you who's better - all unique and all wonderful! Please , give them your love too!