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OK, totally stolen, but absolutely awesome!!!! Try it!

2 to 4 ramekins (depending on the size of the ramekins)
From http://gliving.tv/greenchefs/vanessa-sherwood/Coconut-Flan/ I was very excited about this recipe because FLAN is a so typical desert from Puerto Rico, where I come from. Ironically enought, I never liked flan before, but this one I did like!! I did modify the recipe just a bit. I did not use steranise and salt. I used fresh lime juice and a bit of tamarin meat. I did not have persimmons, so I used a very small jong orange pumpkin which was a bit soft and it make it. I did not taste to pumpkin at all. One won’t guess it has pumpkin in it. The taste is a very fresh and light one and it leaves you asking for me!
1 cup young coconut meat (usually one coconut)
½ cup orange pumpkin flesh
¼ cup coconut water
2 tablespoons agave nectar
½ tablespoon raw tamarin flesh
1 teaspoon raw vanilla powder
1 In a Vita-Mix or High Speed Blender, puree all of the ingredients for the flan until smooth.
2. Coat the bottom of each ramekin with approximately 1 T. of maple syrup. Divide the flan mixture into the ramekins.
3. Chill overnight or for at least 2 hours to firm up the flan.
4. To assemble: Run a small knife around each flan in case it is sticking to the sides. The maple syrup coating should prevent this. Quickly turn each ramekin over onto a serving plate. Once you hear the flan drop onto the plate, remove the ramekin and pour out the rest of the maple syrup glaze onto the flan.
Note: I tried it at least twice with schredded coconut (unsoaked and soaked) and agar-agar, but of course, I did not get the same consistency. This time, I got my YOUNG COCONUT MEAT from YOUNG THAISE COCONUT for this recipe. yes, it has to be this kind of coconut because the meat is like rubber, while the meat from other type of coconut is dry and hard. That is what makes the difference.
I do not think you can use any fruit instead of the persimmons due to the water content they will add to the mixture, and it won’t probably set in a flan-like consistency. Orange pumpkin meat consistency is more like the persimmon one. That is why I try it out and worked perfectly.


makes one roll, slice it and eat it!

Beigli is a traditional christmas treat in Hungary. Here is a delicious raw version.
1 fruit leather
1½ cups walnut, almond or poppyseed
½ cup dates
2 tablespoons cocoa or carob
sprinkle raisins, dried fruit
½ cup water
Make fruit leather: I use apple or plums, but can make it from any fruit. Process fruit in food processor or juicer. Spread it onto the dryer sheets and dehydrate. After about 8 hours, turn it over and dry for another few hours, until soft, leathery, not too dry. so simple and delicious by itself also.
filling: The given quantities for the ingredients are approximate, play with them yourself. Any kind of thick creamy sweet paste will do. Blend ingredients in food processor. Play with quantities, spices and ingredients. in traditional hungarian filling there is walnut and poppy seed. Make a paste. Spread it onto fruit leather, play with thickness. Sprinkle dried fruit on it, then roll it up (a bit like sushi). You can let it sit for a little while but it is great to eat right then. Great snack, desert. Yummy. Enjoy!


2 Moderate Sized Servings (Small to Medium)

A quick and easy nut & seedless salmon spread. This spread is also killer with soaked sunflower seeds but I wanted to make a version that didn’t contain nuts or seeds since I created it to use in a meal that already has nuts and seeds in it. Too much good stuff can cause havoc on my damaged digestive tract so here is an easier version. This spread does taste very carrrot like so if you want more flavor then add more herbs and dulse seaweed flakes. I prefer mine more on the simple side so that I can truly appreciate the wholesome taste of the carrots. If you’re a nut-slut then this might be too bland for you. However, this is a good nut & seedless an alternative for someone wanting less calories and fat grams since less calorically dense ingredients are used.
I use this spread in my “Mock Philly Rolls” paired with a sunflower sprout salad & grated ginger agave dressing and raw kombucha!

1 cup Organic orange carrot
½ cup Organic onion & celery (chopped)
1 tablespoon Organic raw olive oil (cold pressed/unfiltered)
1 tablespoon Organic fresh dill
1 tablespoon Dulse flakes
1 pinch Organic pink sea salt
sprinkle Organic fresh ground black peppercorns, (I do the shimmy when I sprinkle)
drop Filtered water - amount used depends on how moist you want your mixture
Easy as 1,2,3
1. Process all ingredients, except the water, in a food processor. Mixture will look finely chopped.
2. Stir your mixture around and begin to process again. Add a drop of water here and there while it’s processing. Do not add a lot of water at once. I added about 2 teaspoons to mine overall. My mixture ended up moist and slightly chunky (just a bit!). If your mixture ends up being too watery (by accident) you can strain it in a cheesecloth after you take it out of the processor.
3. Spoon into bowl and mix together. Add a little more sea salt and shimmy your shaker (your black pepper and your behind!)
Your spread is now ready to use. It’s great in raw sushi, on top of a salad (especially with sprouts, tatsoi, purslane, spinach, etc), as a dip or wrapped in large leafy greens (kale, bok choy, romaine, etc are great). You can even use it as a filling in a raw bread sandwich, top of a raw bagel or make a “sea inspired” raw pasta by tossing it with some freshly spiraled zucchini noodles!

If you like your spread with chunks of onion and celery, leave these ingridients out of step 1 and toss finely chopped onion and celery into mixture during step 3.
If your not a fan of dill, replace it with shiso or if you like dill but want a little kick – be brave and use them box!


Serves 5

1 Bell Pepper
1 cup H2O
3 tablespoons Nutrition Yeast
1 tablespoon Coconut Cream Concentrate (from tropical traditions)
1 teaspoon Sea salt
2 teaspoons Onion Powder or add fresh onion
2 cloves Garlic
2 tablespoons Lemon Juice
1 Avocado
1 Avocado
Place all ingredients in blender except avocado. Blend til somewhat creamy, then scoop out avocado and drop peice by peice in blender while its running til you get the thickness u like. I use whole avo… very much like cheddar chz
My husband prefers it after it’s chilled a little bit :) Enjoy!