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"Sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring the most joy,

Sometimes it's more important things, like becoming a parent to a girl or boy,

Sometimes it's the simple joy of watching your children play,

Sometimes it's the sacrifice of telling a story at the end of a long day,

Sometimes it's just including that special little one,

Sometimes it's just being silly and having lots of fun,

Sometimes it's a little "quiet" time, to lie back and rest your feet,

But then you miss those "rowdy" times that make your life complete."

{via Storybird }

 I never thought my life would be what it is today.  As a little girl, just like everyone, I often dreamed of future. I dreamed of career, of travel, of experiencing cultures of other countries. I dreamed of meeting that special someone, and having a family. Someday,  having a child, just one or maybe two.

I never thought I would be a mom to 5 beautiful children. And even though life gets more busy then sometimes is humanly possible, and  I am sure that by now we ( just like any parent ) beat the Guinness record many times on our ability to go on with work without sleep for months ( wait, who am I kidding. it's years), it is the unexpected beautiful moments like yesterday what make every meltdown and tantrum magically disappear from the memory and all the stress of an adult life seems to lift and be non-existent, or at least not worth paying at attention for the moment.

Children have a magical ability to see beauty and fun in everything, and then just live it through right then and right at that moment, because ... well, because they don't know any different. Everything is magical. Everything is wonderful. Everything is worth living for in their little heads. Children make life worth fighting for even at most difficult times.  A child's smile brightens any day. And then ... children have a magical ability to spread that contagious happiness to everyone around them and make us, adults, remember what a fun thing life actually is.



I never thought I would be a mom to 5 beautiful kids.

I never knew I would love it so much either.