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How to talk to Royal family

stokke, xplorylivingnotes1 Comment
I checked my FB page ( did you know living notes from nyc just barely got a facebook page too? like us - we are planning on lots of fun!) before I was running out of the door, and saw this post by Stokke ( a-d-o-r-e their products. read here+here+here why) , and HAD to post it: 

"Stokke Xplory starts conversations and smiles - even amongst VIPs. Pictured here is Queen Sonja of Norway and Anna Komorowski wife of Poland's President. Higher is better for diplomacy too;) Charlotte"
I'm hoping that one of these days we'll run into the Royal family too, and Stokke Xplory will be our connection link.


PS: Did you know that my grand-grand mother was from royal family? Did I ever tell you that?