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I love...

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I love the quietness of the day. I love the calm of the peaceful evening. I love to see my sweet baby's sleepy smile. I love to see my children's faces smiling to the happy dreams. I cherish the moments like this one, when I have my sweet 3 little angels that I can hug and kiss, cuddle and snooze on my bed, with rain dropping on the roof and wind blowing outside of the window... I love to feel the calm of the moment within my heart. Find love that gives me strength every day. To take me through in peace and calm on the wave of love through tantrums, yells and tears, bruises and pinches, broken dishes and dolls , through big dramas of their little minds, to give them what they need : my love. That gives them strength and power to take THEM through their hurricane of emotion. We work together. Yin and yang of life. They need me just as much as I need them. I love you, my sweet little angels. My heart to you. Sleep well. Sweet dreams.