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In support of breastfeeding...

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This was an email that I got this morning. I am just going to copy/paste it here. I am a strong advocate of a breastfeeding and - now being on the 3rd round of it, I will tell you all : there ARE babies that do not accept blankets, that do not like those gorgeous and very smart ( and at $30 a piece) nursing covers, and there is nothing like dealing with your shirt getting into baby's mouth and having a screaming and very angry at you baby, that wants only one thing and cannot understand what the big deal is. There are also VERY MANY babies that do not use bottles ( none of mine did). There is nothing seducing or dirty in breastfeeding, however, it does make me wonder WHAT is on the mind of a person ( or people in this case) that find is such. How we react to things around us only shows what is inside of OUR minds. LDS culture is the one that makes the biggest deal out of perfection and modesty, and this is the church that has the most abuse ( sexual being number one on the list, and child abuse topping off the list). It has long been time to stop pretending and turn and look at ourselves, and what is going on inside of each of us. Such things as this email should NOT be happening. I am highly revolted by such man as this bishop and those complaining. Women have the RIGHT to be what they ARE - WOMEN. And it is GOD's creation for a woman to nurse her child.
If Madonna breastfeeding her infant ( who is completely naked and exposed) is considered Divine, and ALL Churches, Catholic being first , accept it, and many display it in their most sacred places, how is it that the mother that is following that example , is considered condemned?

"I posted this unfortunate experience on the LDS Unassisted Birth group I'm on and feel I must post here as well. Last Tuesday I was called in to the Bishop's office for a "chat." Here are statements he made to me. I think you know what this is about. The Stake President asked me to have a chat with you. Tell me where you're coming from and then I'll tell you where we're coming from. It's your right to breastfeed. The Stake President and I need to talk to you about this being a modesty issue. Use a blanket. Use the mother's lounge. You can record this. BF detracts from the spirit of the meeting. It's offensive to people. There was a husband and wife at a church activity you were talking with and started BF. It made them very uncomfortable and they've never come back to church since. There have been several complaints from the Primary. BF away from the children. I've heard about large billboards in France with fully nude women on them. T (his wife) didn't BF our 4 children and they perform above where they should. I'm responsible for everyone in the ward and if they feel comfortable. You make people feel uncomfortable. The Stake Young Women's Sports Directors are uncomfortable/offended that you BF last week during a YW's basketball game. You should've stepped out of the room. Go to the foyer or the mother's lounge. Would you let your kids go to a friend's house where someone was viewing pornography on the internet and they were right in the same room? I don't think you are supporting me or the Stake Pres. I want you to make an appt with the Stake Pres. I'm not asking you not to BF.

I've been breastfeeding practically nonstop for eleven years. I'm aware of the ha, ha that lady BF her 2 y o, 3 y o, etc, doesn't send her kids to school, and what have you. But this is taking it to a whole new level. I called Church Member Services and have the name and address of an Area Authority I can write to. I hope to write a letter to him soon when I'm not so busy with I don't know something important like breastfeeding Evelyn!

Thank you for reading. I normally don't post but appreciate all the things I've learned here from all of you.

Andrea Woolley, member of Sandy Utah Mount Jordan 3rd Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife of Matt Woolley, Doctor of Chiropractic; mother and educator of 5 brilliant children"

I am also going to add that i remember the ridiculousness of BF issue arising at BYU with some man saying that women have no right to show their breasts, etc , and if the baby is hungry, they should use the restroom of a Burger King ( where the "very offended" young man was dining, and whose digestion was interrupted by having to witness a baby eating). The question asked for me is this : To you , my holy friend, and many like you ; WHAT THOUGHTS WERE GOING TROUGH YOUR HOLY INNOCENT MIND THAT HAD ENOUGH POWER TO DISTURB YOUR DIGESTION?