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We decided to run for a quick "get-away" weekend in near by resort town last week, which was continued over to this three-day weekend. Between the two, here is what we've got: 

The  "crew" ready to picnic in the gorgeous park by the mountains:

chatting about life...

somewhere that conversation lead into pushups: 

that turned into dance?..

... and more conversations...

playing with daddy: 

... is the best thing in the world! 

checking out if he is strong like daddy. do you say "yes"? ( i did!) 

with all the play with daddy, this little fun-ball got left all by herself...

but not for long - i rescued her. guess what she went for first? 

this little kissable face just melts my heart...

sporting the new "turban" style we acquired over the weekend : 

flying : 

daddy-baby time . the best. 

weekend arm-candy: 

and memorial day grill:

doing what he does best ( one of millions, i kid you not) 

what we started with: 

a portion what kiddies made ( a small portion. we had about 3 times more at the end) :

she read my magazine by thoroughly ripping every page out and chewing on it. fashionista in training. 

waving "bye-bye" to the shadow! 

I can honestly say that this was one of the memorably fun weekends. Though we've done nothing extra special, with the crazy fast speed of our lives, it , actually, felt really nice, different and fulfilling. Who would have known? I think it was a much needed recharge for all and everything - from energy for adults to bonding/playing with daddy for the little ones. Bottom line - I highly recommend. FYI - meatless grill dinners are the best. Honest. 


PS: look what someone figured out "how-to"!