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Les Femme Moda : JCrew

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Spring's trend of neon , stripes and denim are definitely in my book as of lately. 

 I mean ,you really cannot go wrong with the stripes - there is such a large variety, there is something for someone, and its the insta-French of any outfit ( if you're ever in France , you'll see what I mean). And since Paris is the birth place of all fashion, I say, it's a good thing. When I saw JCrew spring collection, I simply fell in love.

With many thanks to JCrew, here comes the Les Femme Moda, styled my way : 


featuring today. jeans: jcrew toothpick. tee: colorblock stripe. belt: jcrew. necklace: jcrew. bracelets: pandora ( leather and macrame). shoes : franco sartos or similar jcrew here .

You've got to forgive me, no shoes shown, but you've got to give credit for my little photographers stellar job as is! 

What are you sporting this spring? And what's your favorite trend?
We'd love for you to find a way to follow us - we'll have a ton of fun together!

ps: shoes linked above anyways.
pps: oh, and don't forget that JCrew offers a student/teacher discount, so if you happen to be one of those - you are in double luck!