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Life is wonderful.

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Life is a wonderful thing.

It is, no doubt , not an easy one, but nonetheless it is something of a wonder. As adults, our schedules filled and overfilled with projects, meetings, more projects and more meetings, work travel, diapers and dinners, never ending laundry, and some more of the repeat, something that never ends, and always keeps on growing. Adult life is rewarding, exhausting and at the same time enjoyable in its own way.

I do forget sometimes, however, as we all do, about simple things. Those are the things that children notice. Those are the things that make the world we live in be a beautiful place. I love the city life. The life of hustle and bustle. The life of public transportation and pedestrian-friendly streets and regulations. I love the land of opportunities , the San Franciscan spirit. Above all, I love the city life as a parent.

We walk, we talk, we share things, we learn something, we laugh. I think i teach them life, but in reality, I think they do it better in reverse. It never fails for one of them - the youngest to the oldest, to point out to something so mundane - as we adults, would call it - to only stop me dead in my steps and marvel at the wisdom and purity that fills the little hearts, five of which i get a privilege to call mine.

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We walked just on one regular day. Walked our regular route, the same path we threaded generously day by day when someone said :

“ Mommy, how beautiful this day is! Look - the sun is smiling at the flowers! and look - the fog is coming on the ocean ! SOOOOOO pretty! Ohhh, I love it! “.

My mind, previously preoccupied with plans and precision of how to execute above mentioned thoroughly compiled plans , has cleared in a heartbeat. Isn’t it the very truth in its most beautiful form - the beauty is right here, right in front of us. We all know it - i realize that it is nothing new that I am sharing. But just as my day brightened up by this small and sincere reminder from a pure heart , I hope yours will transform for you too. Life is a beautiful thing. Stop for a minute to smell the flowers, splash in the puddles or marvel at a sunset.

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Rain, shine or fog, here is beauty in everything.

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