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Living Body, Spirit and Soul

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I never thought that the name of my blog actually would mean anything. I named it because this way because that's what felt good to me. However, the experiences that I had with pregnancy lead me to seek for more answers. And I have been truly blessed with fantastic people that helped me to come to a new level of understanding certain things. To everyone who supported me and lead me to Rachel - thank you. To Rachel - double thank you.

A true unity of emotions , spirituality and physicality is so obvious, that it is mind blowing how we miss it every day. Really looking for answers to some deeper questions, while reading scriptures , I wanted to really understand what the SPIRIT is. And searching more and more, it lead me to trying to find understanding of SOUL, and all of a sudden things just made sense :


So profound. So true. So obvious. Then that simple realization really made me see certain things as clear as the most beautiful diamond can be.

"We are spiritual beings having physical experiences, not physical beings having spiritual experience" - Rachel, cannot agree more. Thank you.