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Living Green : simpler then you think

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Summer time is a farmer's market season.

Even though in the modern day and age we have everything our heart desires nearly all year long, there is nothing that beats the farmer's market treasures. The aroma of vine-ripe tomatoes freshly picked just a few hours ago; the lettuce so beautiful and full of color; the bright red strawberries and grapes that are nature's best candy, really, or peaches and other stone fruit, with such broad variety of types and tastes, I honestly did not think it was possible; the crafted with love cheese with hints of cheese-cave smell; the bread - take one by one or all together, there really isn't anything that can compare or substitute.

The blessed California spoils us all year long. And even if seasons change and the selection slightly varies , it is the ongoing markets that lead us to thinking about what we do and how we live. We've grown to appreciate the care for environment by 10th fold more. We are in no way "perfectionists" ( apart from refusing to get a second car in very american "two cars only" living communities. we are the "walking" people, made only possible by the Rolls Royces certain someones have), and have much room for improvement, but baby steps make a big impact too, at least as I believe it. The recycling makes a big change by small ways, as San Francisco taught us : a bag one has to pay for ( that is paper over plastic ), a few recycling cans that are everywhere, a higher car insurance, but easily accessible public transportation that is 73% emission free - the little things that don't appear to make much difference in fact have quite an opposite impact, helping to make the environment be a little cleaner, the life a little easier and most of all - the world ( hopefully) a little better for our children to raise their children in.

A few things to make life a little "greener":

* a good bicycle. simple concept, huge impact. it's faster then walking, and - in today's traffic - often faster then cars, and is emission free with build in gym "side-effect".

* a shopping bag. so small, so insignificant to daily life, yet such a large impact on the environment. a small little bag for groceries that are gone in a day or two will spend about 500 years on the landfill. San Francisco taught us to carry our own ( and with all sorts of folding bags it really is difficult to make excuses. Petunia Pickle Bottom makes the the ones to suit your outfits is this is the concern. added bonus ? the handles won't break either) , but should there be a need for one ( because we too forget about it ) choose paper whenever possible. And if that is not possible - RECYCLE! Use it for trash, if not dirty or clean-able, reuse it for groceries until its death, but, please, don't toss it in the garbage right away. Just one step like this can make a huge difference for everyone.

* a great stroller and baby gear. we care about the lotions, soaps we put on our skin, chemicals we use in the household, but I bet that the thought of the baby gear does not immediately come to mind when thinking about "green, clean and organic", and yet, the huge impact it has on both - the baby's life and the environment - cannot be underestimated.

Stokke's mission "to create high quality products, ensure the safety of your child, and protect and preserve your child's environment" and ongoing effort and commitment where "throughout the company’s history, [Stokke] has made every effort and endeavour to use environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. [Stokke] also continuously develops and explores new energy saving production techniques, fuel efficient shipping, and distribution methods," is there to protect your little one's skin and place another block in building your child's health. i talk a lot about Stokke, and will continue to do so, because here aren't too many baby products out there to meet Oeko-Tex Standards apart from a million other benefits Stokke offers ( as you know already ).

Xplory even has a build-in large bag inside of the shopping bag for groceries and easy shopping. I also guarantee you that your little one will make your "green" life a lot easier when he or she is comfortably close to you.

* local and small businesses. it's fascinating that we have the ability today to taste the exotic foods from all over the world ( and by all means we DO love and appreciate it!), but witnessing the craft being passed from generation to generation without the desire to grow "big", is what really supports the economy and gives us as people better clothes, better food and better life. with roots going deep into history, having "your" bread baker, "your milk man", your tailor or clothing shop is what makes a difference. a smaller shop cares about the quality of things they sell, the small baker produces the best bread there is, because they all care about the people that use the services and buy the products first, the monetary part comes second, as a natural result of good work. It's a concept that is barely alive today, in time of mega-sales and universal "dot.com" shopping, but if you can - be one more person to support it. It is in shops like Sprout, Solly Baby, Petunia, Stokke and bakeries like Le Marais and local farms that that have their organic growth, yet wish to remain small so that they indeed CAN ensure the quality control and provide us and our children with the items that will make our life toady easier and "tomorrows" better.