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Caroline from Armelle interviewed by KSL Studio 5. 

So, here is to the event we had last Tuesday. 
 If you are familiar with Alt at all, Mingle is freshly launched and is somewhat of that line, but targeted for all types of business owners. And just like for Alt, there were people flying from all over to it. {The pictures capture just a small portion of the crowd} I attended the "pilot" one in winter , and was very excited when I received an invitation to participate in summer. 

The theme was casual and colorful, and I think it was presented well:

Some of the amazing door prizes for the first 100: 

Delicious food from Communal. Seriously, whether you are local or visiting, Communal is the best kept secret in UT - a-mazing food. {I had comparable only in NYC, THE food capital, but you already knew that}. 

Here are some very note-worthy appearances. {some. like i said , you want to be here next time}

If you don't know amazingly talented Susan from behind famous Freshly Picked that constantly appears in ALL sorts and types of fashion magazines ( and MORE!) , here she is, beautiful inside and out. Next time you see these cuties on seleb's babies, you'll know who's behind it all. 

Beautiful Sarah from Pepper Lou Turbans

Brooke from KSL studio 5:

If you are watching Bachelorette,  I don't need to introduce this guy. If you are not - he's also a CEO of People water. So, famous, double:

Molly from Fleur-de-bee. You know all the celeb's film festivals, events, etc? Yeah, she's the designer behind a ton of them. And more. 

Yours truly:

not the best picture of me, but awesome of the babe. those blue eyes will melt me into butter one day, I swear: 

She's very involved: 

And she's plainly bored to sit ( hence my arms got a mega work out for entire 3+ hours)

Joining the celeb crowd in Freshly Picked moccasins : 

The ones that actually stay on. I honestly want some in adult sizes too.

My bohemian queen in Pepper Lou. THOSE do come in adult sizes! I'm in serious need of one { or five}.

And amazing "thank you" gifts from very creative ( and famous)  Jane :

I honestly can't wait for next one.