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Mingle @ Soel

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I am thrilled to announce that I'll be joining in for this fabulous event. Mingle is a social meet/greet/make connections not just for bloggers ( although blogger inspired), but for ALL businesses/ business owners, big or small, and simply normal people that would love to meet/greet/mingle and see face-to-face those behind great products/blogs.

 The theme is ranging in variety from food ( can I just say, I met some a-mazing foodies with some best recipe ideas. pinterest doesn't come close ) to super-fun DYIs and ALL areas of fashion. The first event was a tremendous success, with mega crowd and attention from all sorts of media ( KSL included). 

This is not just local event - as a matter of fact, there are several business owners and bloggers traveling all the way from East Coast just for Mingle

I think I can safely predict tremendous success for the second one as well. Last time there were over 50 fantastic giveaways, and seeing the increase in sponsorship, this one will exceed all expectations. 

All I can say : book your plane ticket

*I'll be joining in the style/fashion category, but more details to reveal very soon!*