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Last week in San Francisco was a little more foggy and a lot more wet and chilly then we would like it to be. Much as we love strolling the streets and spending hours in the parks, but Wednesday was one of those very days when staying inside for a major portion of the day sounded more then a perfect idea. It happens rarely, but I love those times: the phone is on silent mode; it is just me and the kids to play, read and have fun in our own little world. I had some fantastic new sets of HABA blocks on hand ( the very ones that kids were drooling over at the store displays and begging me about for months ) and the timing could not be more perfect: school year is ending, testing is in fool bloom and a moment for a reward and encouragement seemed to be due. I cannot express in words how touching and fulfilling it is to see children's sincere happiness. We spend good three hours building, learning, rebuilding masterpieces and creating all sorts of bridges. A few snaps will keep this moment alive for me forever. Take a peek if you like.

** a couple of new sets of HABA blocks and infinite amount of fun is guaranteed **

** that victorious moment of success **

** the tongue is a required part of concentration, wouldn't you agree? **

** the request for an architectural wonder from THE architect herself, who is not quite up to reading level yet **

** THE clear blocks - the very set that was admired since before Christmas. It's cherished like it's made of glass. I love it **

** my little scientist: not a moment passes without him explaining what works how and why. I never had an older brother, always envied my girlfriends who did, and I am so thrilled that we were blessed with a son as a first child **

** and since the youngest child was faithfully napping safely tucked away in his crib, we made use of the time with the small marbles **

**and right as E woke up the sun came out in the early afternoon, which meant it was time for a park run, but not without catching the rays reflecting through the blocks first. Because it was simply BEAUTIFUL. **

**FAQs - toys : haba blocks; kids are wearing Polarn O. Pyret, Tea Collection, Gap kids; my tee is from Anthropologie, jeans are JCrew and shoes are old Blochs. **