Urban Crusing


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Our week report according to the instagram. The little trip by the Pier ( just above) . We are still trying to make it all the way down to pier 39 - too many interesting things to see. But it is on the agenda for the day ( fingers crossed!) .

 This week we also :  

^^ learned a lot of things in CA Academy of Sciences. that particular one is about fish ^^

^^ and made new friends there too. soulmates. ^^

^^ those two little blue eyes wanted to see it all. i also answered about 100 000 "wasis?!"s in two hours ^^

^^ when we visited De Young, the older children were so happy to recognize the art they have learned about in school just a few week prior. it i were their teacher, i should have been very proud. it warmed by heart ^^

^^ while we were admiring a beautiful winter painting  ( pictures to come soon!), "someone" went for snacks ( and got caught in action. on camera ^^

^^ we made a few evening trips ^^

^^ ... because these sunsets are surreal ^^

^^ and a few trips to the bakery in the rain. i learned ( and loved the fact!) that we have 6 bakeries that supply warm fresh bread daily just around the corner ^^

^^ kindred spirits. or at least in this situation. she shares his love for cars ( but he does not share her love for dolls, somehow ...) ^^ 

^^ and this is the "side-effect" of having three little "mommies" fighting over as to who loves him more ^^

^^ and if mentioning toys ... the Land of Nod event we went to was simply fab! (watch this space for a report soon!) i also may or may not have won something in this ruffle! 

^^ the land of nod toys. i have a soft part in my heart for wooden toys. they make childhood so much more colorful! ^^

^^ the iconic teepee - the upper part of it. it's even cooler in person then i thought ^^

^^ and to make everyone's spirits bright, decor and chalk art do just that  ^^

^^ San Francisco is beautiful at night ^^

^^ a very happy friday night delivery made up for a very colorful ( even if foggy ) saturday morning ^^

^^Wishing you a great day , as always, 
                                                             with love, from San Francisco