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San Francisco through the eyes of Instagram

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We are in San Francisco right now. The opportunity presented itself, and I could not resist packing everyone up with me, even on a one second notice. My mom has never seen California and the timing could not be more perfect. 

California had always been loved by us, but San Francisco ( the NY of the West for me) has stolen my heart forever. It is one thing to see places when you're touring with a company and are single, and it is a completely different story when you bring a family with you. I will tell you more later, as we are trying to pack as much as we possibly can in the few short days we have here, but here are a few pictures for you to enjoy until then...

^^ utah can be beautiful. the beginning of the salt flats on our way north ^^

^^ looks like snow, but it is all salt. stunning ^^

^^ sunsets on the road are gorgeous ^^

^^ no road trip without some sort of a long lecture these days. too independent for their own trouble. mom's all seeing eye is always there ( iphone in this case. those selfies can come in really useful ^^

^^ my heart is going to stay here forever ^^ 

^^ nothing like heading out to breakfast in style. we've met a few stokke lovers on the way too! xplory didn't get her name for nothing : small footprint, secured shopping basket ensures that nothing falls out, and highseat-turn-highchair possibilities take you everywhere, seriously. plus it's fashionable and stylish - it always gives me a boost of confidence if a new place tumbles with my own, you know... ^^ 

^^ and my little rider. just scoot-ing along. fyi: ease of public transportation perfection + full stroller features = dream come true for city moms. SF approved too^^

^^ best disney store visit yet. the magic mirror made a lot of great impressions. and fulfilled some wishes along the way too^^

^^ the beach. the gorgeous ocean. people i love. i am tearing up looking at this picture. in a few short days we will have to say good-buys until next time^^

 ^^ beach bums. literally ^^

^^ far from the best angle, technically imperfect, but absolute the best picture to my eyes. all the ones i love. in the city we love. by the ocean. with all of us in it. i will cherish this moment forever^^

^^ a sail from a fairy-tale. make a wish, it will come true, i promise ^^

Wishing you a wonderful start of the week. As always. 
Much love from all of us.