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Show & Tell: in istagram life.

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Between preparation for Easter and life, we still managed to squeeze in a few fun things for kids' spring break. Can I just say how sad I am that it is almost over? I keep reminding myself how much I sincerely love the Montessori school they go to, otherwise I'd take them out to homeschooling as we did before. I love having them around. And I decided that one week breaks are overrated. I mean , what can you REALLY do in one week? You need at least two. Anyway. So , here are some bits of our week. 

Utah Natural History Museum. I must say - I'm impressed. Very interesting and comparable to Natural History Museum we literally lived it in Manhattan. This one is carved into the mountain - hard to take a picture of , but just trust me - it's something beautiful. It blends in with the mountains, I had a double take before I realized that is actually WAS there.

Lots' of dinosaurs. Kids heaven. 

checking out the bones.

and digging some ( way better then Manhattan one - you actually have space to look for things) 

And please note the little hand IMMEDIATELY going for whoever hair is near to her. Grip of death too.

would never know by looking at this face 

but this one is clearly thinking about something to do. as in - something to make trouble with.

The weather has been all over the place. Between this : 

and this is a difference of two days. in between which it snowed and was a winter wonderland. I'm not kidding. but you'd never know. So we took advantage of a nice sunday afternoon as we were going into the UNHM.


gorgeous views.

I had no idea they had a path - not quite dressed for off road walking, but the weather was so nice , we went anyway.

and the "following the leader" thing is really cute.

you can definitely tell who the leader is too: 

evening walk to enjoy the warm evening.

and lunch picnics 

she was determined on bringing her own everything and carrying it all too: 

and when it rained , we rain-coated and popped our umbrellas. and still went outside.

to a disney store

and ikea

although i'm not sure how fun of an agenda that was: 

though city creek and train watching from over the bridge always is. especially when accompanied by balloons

and with retrackable sealing we pretended it was a picnic by the fountains

absolutely mesmerizing at night

and DVF would be proud - look at her rocking diane's designs! 

That would sum up the week. As I am looking through the pictures, the kids are eating in pretty much every single one , which made me happy - they wanted to have a lot of picnics, and looks like we succeeded at that one. Can't believe this week is almost over. And can't wait for summer vacation.
We also watched a few sunsets. Just absolutely beautiful. Go watch one if you haven't in a while. There is nothing more breathtaking then nature's beauty.

 how was your week? what's on the weekend menu?