Urban Crusing

#TBT : Edit Archives


Making "cleaning rounds" over my photo archives, I found some gems that for whatever reason simply never made it to the sharing platforms. As "Through Back Thursday" is a universally loved feature that appears to now be a permanent constant among the social media, there seems to be no more perfect day to present you with a #TBT: EDIT ARCHIVES on our Daily Crusing column.

I hope you love these snaps as much as we loved making those memories.

   ^^^ the face that makes appearances much too many times nowadays. pretend-cry is the best when performed my babies - can we just agree on that? ^^^

^^^ this fake-crying face is my newest favorite, although I am foreseeing that we may be facing some really fun "terrible twos". but until that comes, can we just all agree that babies are absolute pros at wrapping parents around their tiny little fingers? ^^^


^^^ sun-bathing smurf. though it may have taken her good few hours to warm up to the concept of the beach, once she got the taste of it, she was definitely in her element ^^^


^^^ who says pink is for girls? boys look rocking in pink stripes! especially when parents forget the fabulous zutano sunhats at home, and "pink stripes - one - size - too - small" is the only option. oh, memories... ^^^


 ^^^ building sand castles.  I could easily to this every day all day long. forever. ^^^


^^^ the birthday girl with her absolutely cherished birthday gift from us all. three snuck up on us unexpectedly too soon. ^^^


^^^ it may not have been HIS birthday, but he surely had an opinion to share. we had rather lengthy conversation that day ^^^


^^^ what do real boys do at american GIRL doll store? practice pushing strollers and stealing away hearts of all passer-bys. ^^^


^^^ my absolute favorite doll in the entire store ^^^


^^^ he is exceptionally good at stealing things these days ^^^


^^^ just about $300, 000 parked ON THE STREET in San Francisco. particularly mind-boggling after our modest WV was broken into ( that had nothing in there too... ) ^^^


^^^ I say every modern girl needs a pair of converse and a striped Polarn O. Pyret dress ^^^


^^^ and if stripes are not your thing, a twirly skirt and flowers are sure to win one's heart ^^^


^^^ curiosity is imagination's twin brother and trouble's cousin - isn't that the truth?! ^^^


^^^ one of my absolute favorites. although so sweet and gentle, she is not from a type of a personality that shows much emotion. catching it on camera is nearly from the world of fantasy. i have this picture currently set on my home screen on my phone. it will probably stay there for some time, and definitely is on a permanent "frequent rotation" list  ^^^


***As seen in this post: girls' dresses - polarn o.pyret. striped pants/bib - polarn o. pyret. baby booties - zutano. girls' hats - american girl shop. dolls - american doll brand. stroller single - stokke xplory in black textiles. stroller double - stokke crusi with sibling seat in black melange. overalls - madewell.  jacket - gap. black bag - petunia pickle bottom cake collection. diaper bag on the stroller - petunia pickle bottom clutch