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The Artist

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So, remember this art piece? I loaded a picture of the real thing on my phone. Besides posting on this blog, I showed to a few other friends and co-dancers. The responses are different. Some see eyes, others wings, then leaves, some tell stories of a personality being covered by expectations ( how about that one?!) or the true nature actually being false from the "sun-shining one" ( like that one too).

My personal opinion : I like the concept, and I like the choice of colors ( although they appear a little neon-ic at the first glance). I like the monochrome of purples, combination of yellow and green, and the shades of turquoise . I think there is and interesting concept between purple and blue ovals and circles, and then green yellow lines. I DO wonder why. Really do. This art makes me think. LIke Tiffany said - I can stare at it for hours.

Now the artist.

The artist is ... my one-year old. Yep. I didn't even think that she was capable of anything like that. All those Mozart stories were awesome, but it is MOZART. I THOUGHT that she was extra quiet, but when I saw that she was busy drawing, I figured that I better go get some soap and cloth and be ready for a clean up from the beautifully painted white walls ( by some reason they are always the BEST canvas for young artists), as I was SURE she would make her way there eventually. I was wrong. She waddled in the kitchen with her artwork in hand, stretched her arm up, and announced "nyama-nyam!"( which at the moment means not only "eat", but also "give it to me", or "here you go") . Handed the thing to me, and walked away, while I was standing there mesmerized. I would not believe that SHE did it , if she was not ALONE with no brothers/sisters/or anyone around her that afternoon. As a matter of fact, I WONDER if having those guys around her and bugging the $%^& out of her, is what MADE the layers on the art piece in the first place.

So, anyway. Here we go. What do I do with this now?
What would YOU do?