Urban Crusing


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When is the one called an inventor and when is the one - a thief? You tell me .

Reading one of my fav blogs this morning, that I haven't read in a while, I bumped into this picture in THIS post:

Nothing too exotic or extreme. Except that for the last few years , a raw food so spoken "guru" ( who's loyalty to the "raw lifestyle" and knowledge in general I have been questioning for quite a while)
has his "patented trademark" of raw chocolate that looks like THIS:

Something is telling me , he is NOT original to "his" idea... AGAIN...

David, darling... Is your last name Wolfe - your real name? Or is it a pseudo name you took when you started succeeding in what they call... PIRACY. First - so called "your" book on "Nature's first law"... Heavily plagiarized. Then YOUR branding of "superfoods" - relabled and double priced ( not unlike this chocolate of "yours" - triple priced) Those 600$ per-hour-consultations ( or was it per HALF hour? Remind me , darling, please) with the information that is neither useful nor new...

You are loosing your touch,  sweatheart. You are forgetting that you are NOT the king of the world, there are plenty others that travel, study and research. Oh, I forgot the yoga classes ( that you CHARGE for, without either certification, or - even better - KNOWLEDGE of proper yoga practice) you claim to be another guru in... Darling, didn't you learn about KARMA in that practice your are SO (un)proficient in? The boomerang has turned your way, and it is picking up speed FAST.  Beware...