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To Valentines...

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My darlings,

I want you all to know and remember now and later that...

... you are my Angels. I live for you. I now understand the very same words my mother told me.
... you adore Cosby show and Rudy is your "how to"
... you are best friends and I want you to keep being such
... to N&Ns: you love to feed the baby and put her to sleep. Even if the baby objects.
... you are persistent in everything you do. You live you dreams. Keep doing so always.
... you can make the gloomiest day shiny with you smiles.
... the neighbors may hate the noise, but I love to hear your laugh and see you dance. keep being self. we'll make more cookies for the neighbors later.
... be happy always as you are now. There isn't anything impossible for you. Remember that.

And I... I spent an hour every night just looking at you. when you are sleeping. marveling at how fast you are growing. I love your slobbery kisses every night and early morning. You are my world. Thank you for being you. I thank God every minute for sending you to me, my little Angels. That is who you are.