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We welcome you to our new site and taking it off today with a recap of a trip to the famous Ferry Building Marketplace. If you haven't been, it's a "must" without a doubt.

Here is a little bit of an interesting information:

Until the completion of the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge in the 1930s, which began to carry railroad traffic, the Ferry Building was the second busiest transit terminal in the world, second only to London's Charing Cross Station. After the bridges opened, and the new Key System trains began running to the East Bay from the Transbay Terminal in 1939, passenger ferry use fell sharply.

Today, The San Francisco Ferry Building is a terminal for ferries that travel across the San Francisco Bay, a marketplace, and also has offices, located on The Embarcadero in San Francisco, California. On top of the building is a 245-foot tall clock tower, with four clock dials, each 22 feet in diameter, which can be seen from Market Street, a main thoroughfare of the city. Here is our little photoreport.

urbferry40^^ Pier 1 as seen from the trolley station ^^urbferry38^^ these green carts remind me of my childhood. and it seems that our kids are just as impressed with them as i was at their age ^^urbferry41 urbferry42^^ we hit the outdoor market just in time to grab some fruit before the rain set in ^^urbferry2 urbferry19^^ so much to see for the little eyes. and so much to wish for too. i heard "can we have this?!" about every 2 seconds. it's a good thing that by now we are very well trained to answer "possibly... some time later"  ^^urbferrycollage

^^ the famous Miette bakery is just as tasteful as it is beautiful. although, Octavia St is my favorite location ^^urbferry17 urbferry16 urbferry18^^ can't beat the citrus when it's in season. i mean, SIX varieties of smaller oranges? this is my personal peace of heaven ^^urbferry15b^^ apple smelling test. because aroma is a half of tasting, right? ^^urbferry12 urbferry13 urbferry22^^we paid a visit to a famous Cowgirl Creamery and had such fantastic experience, it deserves a post of its own. i will only say this: my cheese IQ triples thanks to knowledgeable cheese-monger on site ^^ urbferrycollage2^^ cheese tasting and selecting. we left home with a few fun finds ^^urbferry23^^ happy cheese taster from the bottom seat. all the luxuries of life delivered straight to the bottom level. oh, to be two again... ^^urbferry21^^ if you have cheese, you need artisan baguette. at least we think so ^^ urbferry20 urbferry26^^ "thouching beans". we spent over 30 minutes here ^^urbferrycollage4 urbferry27 urbferry33^^ and then another 15 here...^^urbferry34 urbferry39 urbferry29^^ the little guy participated beautifully and conveniently slept through the entire trip. almost ^^urbferry31 urbferry28 urbferry32^^ this is jello. or the art of it. completely edible, and actually affortable ^^urbferry36^^mushroom heaven ^^urbferry35 urbferry30^^ this is such a trip down the memory lane! to think: we never even KNEW what computers were. and our children don't know that THIS is ^^urbferry11^^ we made our way to the Pier one on the way home ^^urbferry1

urbferry5^^ although we didn't see the sea lions, the sunset was mesmerizing. i love ocean. such calm and magnificence ^^ urbferry7 urbferry8 urbferry10 urbferry9 urbferry6 urbferrycollage5

^^ the sun sets early, and i love it. though air cools down fast, its plenty warm enough to enjoy the beauty of the evening with a warm cup of tea, coffee or chocolate for certain little people. the small things that make it perfect are really not far ^^urbferry37 urbferry24

Although I am the photographer, forgive my self-bragging here, but i love this picture. Completely unexpected and absolutely un-edited, it is beautiful by itself, radiating love, grace and light of bright future of upcoming day as the night sets it. May you new week bring you peace, calm and happy unexpected findings.