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Wether the weather...

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Long, long time ago ( well, not really THAT long, just a few years back) one WISE person gave me an amazing remedy for sickness,
kid-craziness, aging, losing your head - you name it , it pretty much covers it. And the remedy was contained in one simple sentence : " Get out of the house before noon every day, no matter WHAT weather is like outside and no matter what your house looks like inside, for at least an hour". I must say, I held true to this rule and it really works for me. I modified it a little bit : I make sure I am out by 12:30 or before ( somehow those 30 minutes make a HUUUUGE difference when you have a babe), and I DO make sure my house is CLEAN before i leave. So, no matter what, no matter how, but it MUST be clean before 12:30 the latest with the kids fed-dressed-cleaned-schooled out- fed again-cleaned again- and the clothes STILL clean, waiting outside patiently ( NOTE : STILL clean). And YES, I held TRUE to " No MATTER WHAT the WEATHER is like outside". I always considered the weather being just that - the weather. A couple of raincoats and a raincover, cheap jeans and shoes - nothing really interesting. Until today. I learned THE weather has personality.

I got up and ready nice and early, with my dearest Mr Hubster helping cleaning the kitchen. Kids ready early. Babe slipping through the process. Stroller ready. Maya wrap - check. Raincoat, raincover, shoes - check, check, check. Rain stopped. Clouds left. Babe woke up. We're up and out before 11. Life is great! 10 minutes into our route I noticed THE clouds. But nothing major. Nothing a raincoat wouldn't fix. However in two minutes I realized that MAYBE we should turn around. So we did. And so did the clouds. Well... We waited a bit and decided to proceed with original destination. After all - errands are errands. 3 minutes after we turned West, so turned the CLOUDS. Considering I was still close to home and the amount of clouds coming in, I decided , that after all it MIGHT be a smarter solution to go back. 5 minutes after our turn around the sun is shinning brightly. NO clouds.

 At this point I am quietly cursing myself for my personal doubts, as I would be to my destination, finished and on the way back in this amount of time, instead of being 1/2 way there. SO! Determined I - and we all untimately - go. About 10 minutes into it the clouds are starting to gather up. But just small clouds. Besides, I already played this game. Right? Riiiight.... WROOOONG. Within a minute a couple of raindrops turn into a massive rain. I BARELY make it in time to open up the raincover and cover the stroller, zip up kiddos raincoats. And by the time I reach for mine, I am SO SUPER SOAKED. But I get it anyway. Put it on. The rain STOPS. But there are STILL clouds AND now , considering that it actually DID rain hard , I decide to turn for home - with the intention to change and go back out. DRY and WITH the raincoat on. 3 minutes into the walk back, the sun is out. I feel really "fashionable" wearing the raincoat with the sun shinning. I take it off, and the raincovers. I found it , actually, rather pleasant to be out - wet in the sun with the after-the-rain smell. Ahhhh... Something about early summers... As we are walking back , I notice that the clouds are gathering again, and think to myself, how smart I am for going back . Maybe we'll just wait it out for 15-20 minutes , and I STILL will be out again before 12:30.

 So, about 1 minute away from the house it starts sprinkling - just a couple of drops, nothing major. And we are a minute away. Less. We'll make it home. Or not. I decided to be SMART and cover the kids UP, BEFORE it hits, in case it does. So , they are nice and warm like bugs in their little world. The raincoats are zipped. And I am just 40 or so seconds away from the house, plus already wet, some sprinkling would not really make THAT much of a difference. And then it DOES. In 30 or so seconds away from my house I got down poured on. AGAIN. I mean - 40-gallons-per-one-freakin'-second - for-at-least-10-seconds wet. And then it stopped. I opened the door to the birds chirruping AFTER the rain. WET. ANGRY. Decided that since the weather cannot decide what to do, I WILL. STAY HOME. So I did. It hasn't rained since. What am I to conclude, but that the weather purposely lurred me out of the house far enough so that IT could get ME WET!?... Twice.