Urban Crusing


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...and today we are sharing!
you can tell by this video how much of an "expert" i am at taking those ( on my phone , particularly), and i apologize in advance for a smaller-then-expected image. i realized the mistake too late, and re-doing a video would not be as fun and spontaneous as the original one. please, accept my apologies again, and if you wish, you can see a larger version here.

it appears that my eyes have been more trained to the ultrasound images then i myself have ever realized, because a few weeks ago we went into the room with our minds set on being surprised.

i was following along, absolutely loving how easy it was for me to finally distinguish the head, the arms and thinking back to our very first ultrasound when we couldn't see anything. then we moved to the legs and such, and before thinking twice  a " am i seeing right, is the baby a ...?!" sort of jumped off my lips by itself followed by a huge smile and an approving nod from the tech ( who is also a big friend of ours by now ) to confirm what i saw. 

we walked out a little dumbstruck at what had just happened but extremely happy.
 and i am so glad my eyes didn't let us wait - we are having some serious fun

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