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what is your signature?


Let's talk some fragrance.

I have always been a devotee of Carla Fracci, not so widely known but something that 
I resonated well with. You know, that "my scent". Except over the years the pruduction
 of the fragrance minimized, and it had
become more and more difficult to find the TRUE perfume, not the knock offs.

So , I have been on search for that "it" for quite a while. 

Being pregnant ( read : EXTRA fragrance sensitivity  ) puts a fun twist on it all. The moment I find  something I think I love, it takes the grand total of a 3-4 hours for me to 
start smelling those "after notes" that - unless absolutely PURE parfume -
send me into a "happy nausea land", and yet having no scent at all is 
also a no-go. I have since discovered a few versions and/or possibilities but none of them has REALLY felt like "mine" - you know what I mean? 

I think Chanel #19 may be my current favorite. And after many years of wondering why #5 was such a big deal, I gave it a try 2 years ago and understood the magic. It smells different on everyone, crazy as it may sound, it is true.  Both are beautiful scents, but I am 
craving something fresh and spring like at the moment. 

any suggestions?