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What to wear for New Year 2012

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The year of the Black Water Dragon is captivating just by the simple fact that among all the 12 animals of the Eastern Calendar , Dragon is the only mythical creature.
This unique and attractive point found many nearly magical creative ways of expression through fashion for 2012 , and the New Year's night in particular.

According to some designers - and endorsed by astrologists - there are 3 ways to favor the Dragon in 2012 :


Naturally, black is the king of the colors for the year. Black has a unique ability to create sexy silhouettes just as easily as a strict business attire. This evening play up the feminine side - it is said that Dragon had a weak side for beauty. Use it to your advantage, and the year will be filled with luck.


As a mythical creature, Dragon is known to guard the treasure. Anything gold, from accessories to simple glitter in the hair spray will turn the Blue Water Dragon into protector of you and yours.


Though this is a year of a Black Dragon, by it's nature the Creature loves colors , and being a magical one , comes in many shapes and varieties. Jumping head on into some avant-garde may just be the very thing that will put you right on the favorites list of this year's guardian and get your every wish fulfilled.