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Yes, you CAN wear a skinny

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For all of you "wishers", but "doubters" or "non- believers" : forget your expectations, and dive into a new adventure. YES, you CAN wear a skinny. There are some strategies, like to EVERYTHING. But you CAN ( and should) , enjoy the fashion. And here is how.

Rule number one (I think this is the most important rule) : the fit.

A proper fitting pair of skinnies can make just as much difference as the ill-fitting can from the other side. JBrand is a fantastic fitting jean ( agreed and confirmed by many stylists and widely enjoyed by celebrities) . It may look like nothing special on the shelf ( or online) , but if you haven't tried one on ( or SEVERAL, as different washes fit differently), you are mission out on, possibly your pot of gold) . Apart from a great cut and fit, they also offer a "blue label" for curvier body types. It is a WONDERFUL addition to their collection. Again, the fit wins.

When selecting a skinny jean, go for a 1/2 size larger ( if in between sizes) and for a "stretchable" wash if fitting right on. You want them to be slightly loose to give your just a little slide ( that will make you feel skinny and give the equal illusion of -10 lbs off your frame)

Second is : length

Believe it or not, but the length can be crucial in the visual appeal. While the super-skinny super models can get away with the skin-tight jean ( or legging) running all the way to the heel, it may not be the best option for the simple mortals like everyone else in the world.

IF you prefer the longer jean : go for a 14 inch opening at the bottom. That will balance out the hip.

Other then that, go for a cropped jean. Ending a little higher, and while "cutting" ( theoretically) the line, it also gives a visual illusion of slimmer ( read :longer), leg. Those , that have muscular calf - try rolling just a pinch the bottom of the cropped jean. The color contrast, the roll, and length will visually trim the line.

Rule number three: Top.

It is easy to disguise everything you want with the right kind of clothing. If you are unsure or new to skinnies, try the longer and slightly ( but not too much) looser fitting tops, hitting at the hip, or just bellow. The cardigans are ideal: you can leave them unbuttoned, for even more slimmed look. Try a belted cardigan : drawing attention up, will visually elongate a frame. Also, by having a cardigan open, wearing a contrasting color to the jeans, will slimmer the frame down.

And then the last , but not least : the shoes. This department deserves a post of their own, so stay tuned. So far... just in case you go shopping today... I'll tell you this :
go for flats, kitten heels, or spring boots to elongate the line.

Happy shopping!