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Best Food around the World : NORWAY

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"probably one of the best places in the world for creative sushi" - steffen hansen

Eating out in Norway can be ruinously expensive at the best of times ( very much like some of the Eastern European countries as well ) , so it's the brave soul who opts to spend their evening in a suchi restaurant.



, a new-comer in Oslo from 2011, has made its presence noticeable thanks to the quality of the sashimi and sushi and for offering a flexible tiered omakase menu, allowing for a more modest option for those on a budget without restraining the big spenders desires. A secret recipe of in-house soya and fresh wasani may just be the magnet that draws locals as well as the visitors from around the world in.



If you are on a budget and feel like a brunch outside should be in order, stop by THE place to be after the sunrise in Oslo, Kolonihagen Frogner. With its bright outside courtyard flanked by crisp whitewashed walls on all sides, it is a favorite among locals and if you visit for yourself, you will know why. Though you may have to jostle with trendy prams accompanied by no-less trendy moms in high heels to find a much-coveted parasol table, it is worth the effort. Should you not succeed, step inside where you will be sure to find a place for a morning cup of coffee although the danger of being overwhelmed by the impressive and equally delicious selection of breads and pastries is more real than one can imagine. The friendliest staff will ensure that your day starts on the right note, or in this case, best cup of coffee you've tasted yet.



Feeling adventurous and would like trying some of the authentic Norwegian food the way the locals enjoy it? Head over to Fenaknoken for some cured reindeer heart or smalahove ( salted sheep's head) and ensure to stop by chef's Eirik Braek's deli near Oslo City Hall where he's preserving traditional Norwegian food in more ways then just one. You will find dried moose, lamb ribs and legs, numerous hams hanging from the ceiling, but it is the range of Norwegian cheeses, including several varieties of brunost ( brown cheese made from whey ) that had our taste buds stolen by this little place. If you are a foodie, this will be your little Norwegian piece of heaven for sure.