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It is no surprise that some of the best ideas are born out of desperation. A new Instagram account caught our eye with it’s simple aesthetics and breathtaking designs. We dug a little deeper into the new brand. Let us introduce you to Len & Peg.

Chris and Katie Mann had their first baby, a girl, as college students.Working hard to stay out of debt, they accepted hand me downs and gifts and were grateful for anything they could get their hands on to combat the costs of having a first child. In April of 2013, they found out they were expecting a baby boy. Overjoyed, Katie began to go through all of their baby things only to find that almost none of it would be re-usable, some due to lack of durability, and a lot due to
lack of simplicity. It simply was not gender neutral. Even blue pants had ruffles on them, jeans had feminine details, and basic T-shirts had an embroidered heart. As the couple had come to realize in many other areas of their lives, what they really wanted was clean, basic, classic products. They wanted to spend a reasonable amount of money on just what they wanted, and then have it last. After many hours spent searching, Katie found it was difficult to come by those items that you put on your child every day without needing to think about it. Not only was it nearly impossible to find information on the conditions in which clothing was being manufactured, it took far too much time and effort to simply find solid colored, no fuss pieces. She came to Chris to express her frustration and, utilizing his perspective as a designer, they came up with an idea: an online store that’s sole
focus is providing ethically made, high quality, timeless childhood essentials.

The story behind the brand seems so simple and obvious, yet it is purely genius, as there is, indeed, nothing on the market that could fit within the criteria sought out by Len & Peg. While the brand is still in the pre-launch mode, you can sign up for email updates through Len&Peg site. Keep your eyes open  - we have a feeling about this one going big!