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Monday Morning Stories

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A good story teaches something, lifts the mood, and often will make one think. We would like to introduce you to Monday Morning Stories and hope it will bring a smile to your face and kick off your week with a good boost of laughter and inspiration.



sleeping dog


"An old and tired dog came into my yard one day. Judging by the expensive collar and a rather big belly, it had a home and it was well taken care of. The dog came closer and I stretched my arm to pet him. He wiggled his tale and proceeded to follow me into my house. He crossed the hallway, curled up in the corner and went to sleep. In about an hour he woke up and came to stand by the entrance. I let him out.

The next day he came by again, "greeted " me and proceeded to walk into the house. Slept, woke up and in about an hour he was on his way again. The same scenario repeated itself for a few weeks. I became curious and one day decided to attach a note to my newest friend's collar. The note read:

" I would really love to get to know the owner of this lovely dog. Do you know that nearly daily he appears in my house to take an afternoon nap? "

The next day when my now very loved friend appeared on my doorstep, another note was attached to his collar:

" This wonderful dog lives in the family with 6 children, two of which are under three. He is just trying to catch up on his sleep. Can i come with him tomorrow too? "





A computer broke in the office. The office urgently called a technician in. The technician arrived and fixed the issue within a few minutes. Here are the accounts of the incident as told by two sides.

The office worker:

"The support technician came, stared at the computer for a moment, raised his arms to the ceiling, mumbled something , turned my chair 10 times counter clockwise , kicked the computer, mumbled something again and left. Everything is working. Would never believe , if not seen with my own eyes - magic at its purest.

The IT support technician:

" So, the office called me in. On my lunch break. They said it was an urgent matter. It appears that this particular worker is a spinner , so the cord wrapped around the leg of the chair and unplugged the computer. I cursed a few times under my breath, unwrapped the cord, pushed the computer out of the chair's way, plugged it in and left".