Urban Crusing

Monday Morning Stories:

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From neighborly tales:

“Our neighbors were going on a vacation. They had a big macaw bird. Before leaving, the neighbor’s wife came in with instructions:

“Could you, please, help us with the bird? He doesn’t need much - we left the food dispenser full, but he just needs to be out of the cage for 20 or so minutes daily”

Not a problem! I was always curious myself to see the talking bird. On the second day we took the cage into our apartment and let the macaw out. He waddled all over the table before jumping to the floor. We, on the other hand, just bought a kitten. The smell of the bird must have awakened the hunter’s instincts in the kitten, because it crouched and started to crawl towards the bird. But as Ara noted the kitten, he fluffed the feathers and turned towards the “hunter”. Terrified, the kitten ran away and stuffed himself into the tight corner between the bookshelf and the wall. The bird waddled to the corner, pecked the practically dying from fear cat on the head and screeched:




Professor of economics told a story how once he failed an entire class:

The class insisted that socialism works and that in that regimen will have a complete equality: there won’t be poor or rich people, everyone will be equal.

Professor in turn proposed an experiment: all the grades would be generalized so that everyone would receive the same grade, as according to the students’ theory, in this case, there shouldn’t be anyone who would fail the class even though there would also not be anyone who would ace it.

After the first test the grades were equalized and the middle score was given. Everyone received a B. “A” students were extremely upset, but those that didn’t study at all were simply exstatic. By the time the second test rolled around, those that were not keen on putting much time into studies done even less then typical, because … well, why? The second test produced the middle score of a C+. Not too many were happy, but it still was a passing grade.

When the third test rolled around, the general middle grade given was D-.

By the time the final came, nothing changed, except for increased levels of anger and fights between students. Not a single good student wanted to study and earn better grades for those that did not wish to put time into learning, and those that did not want to work hard claimed that they just simply were not as smart and it was the responsibility of the “clever” portion of the class to ensure everyone’s passing grade.

The entire class failed.