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Monday Stories:

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It is becoming more and more popular to have ostrich farms. As in any business, there are little tricks that come up with time to ensure proper work flow.

Ostriches are very stubborn birds. They also define the leader by the height: whoever is the tallest is the leader.

The cleaning crew always had issues with the birds - slightly possessive of their territory, they regularly chased the cleaners out of the cage. Until one day one one of the crew members raised the mop to shoo away the bird. The ostrich stopped in his tracks and obeyed. With the mop above the head, the cleaner was taller then the bird, and - therefore - a leader.

From that day on the cleaning crew proudly carried brooms above their heads whenever coming close to the ostriches and have had zero issues.

[ a true story, as told by one of the readers ]


“ Our friends had a little boy. At 19 months old Andrew was very intelligent, understanding everything, but not quite up with the vocabulary, so he often expressed himself by gestures to communicate with adults.

One evening Andrew was sitting on mom’s lap and while patting baby’s head she felt a fresh bump of rather impressive size. As the child did not cry any time recent that she could recall, didn’t fall down with her and didn’t spend time with anyone else, she asked the husband to see if he knew anything on origination of the bump, but he was clueless as well.

Puzzled, the young mom turned to her son with a question:

“Andrew how did you get this bump?” , expecting some sort of gesture explanation.

The boy immediately jumped off her lap and ran head forward into the refrigerator standing nearby. Then turned to mom rubbing now the second bump and mumbled, “Boom!”

Explanation was complete.