Urban Crusing


choreography, dance, explorations, interesting, noteworthyOlya HillComment

Dance world keeps on changing and expanding, surprising the audience with the new twists and turns, but not only in choreography but genres too. Video Kids project caught our attention for its unique approach to choreography and presentation, an original idea by a choreographer Katya Voronina.

There are many studios and classes out there that prepare fabulous dancers, but as any actor knows, there is a difference between a stage performance and a performance for the camera. Video Kids train not only dancers, but children-dancers that know the specifics of working with the camera under the heavy spotlight of equipment and 1001 crew member that comes with it.

Take a peek at the 2 minute video below. You would never guess these children were not just playing by themselves but performing a well-choreographed routine. 

We have our eyes set on Video Kids project and are excited to see what this new genre develops into.