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Xplory -ations in the "SAFE: design takes on risk"

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The MoMA exhibit "SAFE: design takes on risk" of 2005" have touched and explored many angles of modern life and the direct influence the design and imagination have on it. While many of the ideas and presentations give much to think about, it is very interesting that Stokke Xplory took front and center position right at the start of the show.

The concept of close child-parent connection have been acknowledged beyond one of just the "baby gear". Among the many ideas about security pondered in MoMa's "Safe" exhibition is the theory that "knowledge is safety," as shown in objects advancing awareness, like this stroller.


With an adjustable seat and height, the Xplory provides lots of visual stimulation, allowing babies to have a better, more complete view of their surroundings and form stronger bonds with parents and their environment. This Norwegian design by Bjorn Refsum and Hilde Angelfoss Oxseth allows tremendous flexibility in the position and elevation of the child passenger. The molded seat with full body support allows for plenty of wiggle room for active children. The design includes a footrest that provides a stable base against which the baby can adjust her/his posture at will, another angle on "safely": in this case the sense of control and the safely of physical development.

Apart from the "safety" factor and the  "connection theory" behind the design, the iconic Xplory is simply beautiful, and takes the front and center place among the Noteworthy baby gear.

If you missed the exhibit or would like to revisit, the interactive "SAFE: design takes on risk" is a very interesting and enjoyable way to experience it.