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Unisex Diaper Tote

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Here is another peek into the newest addition to @soyounginc family: the unisex Emerson Diaper Tote. SoYoung has stolen our hearts years ago with fantastic backpacks and lunch boxes, unbeatable in my eyes for quality and design - I know many of you are with me, because I answer "where those bags are from?!" all the time. The "adult" section is just as beautiful and true to aesthetic : minimalistic, unisex , easy to care for, functional. Because one of my absolute favorite messenger bags SoYoung created is being faded out of the production because people didn't realize the features is offered, I am going to dedicate some space here to the new Emerson tote that is designed to grow with the baby and serve for years after there is no more need for bottles and such. Now features that caught my eye:

- soft and natural cotton canvas (not like the man-made poly stuff)
- Wipe-able vegan leather strap
- 3 exterior pockets and 6 interior pockets
- to be shared with baby or not
- Large main compartment easily fits a 13” laptop (a big one for me for working on the go)
- Laminated, wipe-able interior in SoYoung’s signature branch pattern provides contrast and makes items easy to find
- Includes a machine washable, laminated change pad that rolls compactly to fit in dedicated pocket
- Includes a removable insulated, drawstring bottle cooler
- Includes 2 detachable stroller straps adjustable to any size handlebars and 1 long messenger strap
- NO harmful materials/chemicals

What are your thoughts on bags - baby or not - in general, and thoughts about this one ?

Ещё один кадр новой сумочки @soyounginc : унисекс Емерсон. SoYoung поселились в наших сердцах много лет назад со своими чудесными рюкзачками и ланчбоксами - уникальными , по моему мнению, своими минималистическими дизайнами и качеством, и я знаю, что вам тоже нравятся они, потому что на вопрос "а где купить эти сумочки?" отвечаю постоянно "Взрослый" отдел у SoYoung на мой взгляд не хуже: модели минималистического дизайна, унисекс стиля, легки в использовании и функциональны. Потому что одна из лучших и моих любимых моделей выходит из выпуска просто потому, что люди не знали , что люди не знали , что она из себя на самом деле представляет, я думаю стоит выкроить кусочек на страничке для Emerson Tote - сумки, которая создана расти с малышом и быть использованной в течении многих лет и после крошки, просто для себя .

Что понравилось мне в этой сумке ещё с октябрьской конференции:

- мягкий натуральный эко хлопок , но при этом очень крепкий
- ручки и "веганской кожи " ( оооочень популярной у нас!)
- 3 внешних карманчика и 6 внутренних, для малыша или для мамы
- во внутреннее большое отделение легко входит лаптоп 32см
- ламинированная моющаяся внутренняя прокладка, с фирменным дизайном веточек создаёт контраст , который позволяет легко найти необходимое в сумке.
- включает в комплекте подстилочку для малыша, моющуюся ; находится в специальном кармашке
- специальный инсулированный пакетик для бутылочки, чтобы поддерживать необходимую температуру
- включает 2 лямки на липучках для коляски, и 1 длинную ( для мамы или папы )
- эко чистые материалы

Какие ваши мысли по поводу сумки? И сумок для малышей в общем? Плюсы-минусы?


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As the inventors of the world's first modular stroller, Bugaboo are pioneers in the stroller industry, setting the standards and trends for the rest to follow. All Bugaboo strollers are the epitome of Dutch design: simple, innovative and functional. The engineers at Bugaboo apply innovative thinking, well thought-through design and vast years of experience to ensure exceptional performance and quality in each one. Bugaboo’s strollers turn heads, and the motto“we make smart strollers for smart parents” resonates with many.

It is no surprise that after the successful launch of the first most unusual, but loved by many people, stroller model Frog over a decade ago, Bugaboo’s ideas and designs have been borrowed by other companies with the goal to utilize one of the most innovative ideas in their production as well. There are times, when the successors create even better products then the original designers, but is it so with Bugaboo? We have prepared a series of side-by-side comparisons of Bugaboo to their most common “budget replacers” and competitors. Today we spotlight Bugaboo Buffalo and a commonly suggested “budget” alternative, Uppa Baby Vista. Let’s take a closer look.




* robust
* versatile
* spacious

Designed specifically for all-terrain performance, the Bugaboo Buffalo is a must for parents who love to discover. Whether that's blazing a trail through the city’s busy streets or discovering the off-road country, Bugaboo's latest stroller is at home in the urban scenery as it is on tougher trails.

Versatile, robust and spacious, Bugaboo Buffalo offers a one piece fold if desired, has multiple luggage options, a high and spacious seat and an extendable sun canopy for extra protection against the elements. The suspension is very well designed, so no matter how rough your expedition is, it will always be a smooth ride in Buffalo.


Most commonly known as a “bugaboo budget version”, US-created Uppa Baby Vista is designed with the emphasis on “growing with the family”. The VISTA 2016 Stroller from UPPAbaby adapts to accommodate your little one from birth through the toddler years. Versatile design can be configured to conveniently transport up to 3 children to roll with life's changing momentum, but most of the families start with just one baby, and choosing the right stroller for the little one is one of the most difficult tasks soon-to-be parents face, so let’s dig a little deeper into features of both strollers.




Spacious bassinet and seat; suitable from birth up to 3 years.
 Bugaboo Buffalo is engineered to be robust - tested up to a total seat load of 23 kg / 50 lbs. Bugaboo Buffalo bassinet comes included with a stroller, so no additional purchase necessary.
Five point harness
Mattress with aerated inlay
Machine washable fabrics
One hand operation to recline, reverse and release the seat
Height adjustable handlebar
One hand full recline
Adjustable and expendable canopy ( spf 50+)
Large clever designed basket
Ability to carry up to 35.2 lbs total cargo weight
Car seat compatible with major car sear manufacturing brands ( adapters sold separately )
10” swivel wheels and 12” rear wheels with foam filled tires
Total weight with seat and wheels :12.3 kg / 27.1 lbs
Folded lwh: 88x54x34 cm / 35x21x13”
Unfolded width: 60 cm / 24”
Underseat bag: 35 l / 9.2 ga


Includes both Bassinet and Toddler Seat as two separate units
Compatible with Mesa car seat without adapters, adapters needed to fit with select Chico and Maxi Cosi carseat option.
One hand operation to recline
Five point harness
Aerated mattress
Handwash fabrics
Foam filled wheels
Large basket
Ability to carry up to 30 lbs total cargo weight
Total weight with seat and wheels : 27.5 lbs
Folded with seat attached: 26.5”W x 14”L x 33”H
Unfolded: 26.5”W x 37”L x 39.5”H



Bugaboo Buffalo bassinet designed to be deep with firm base, mattress with aerated inlay and surrounding sold walls to keep your little one safe and secure during the early adjustment months. The extendable canopy shields your most treasured possession perfectly from the sun and/or wind, but the option of breezy sun-canopy and sun umbrella is there for the ones that would like to take advantage of it. The hood and apron fabrics can be easily swapped for a new color or completely removed if desired.

While Bugaboo Buffalo bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping and combined with Bugaboo stands turns your stroller into a convenient bassinet that keeps the little one cosy and secure, it can be collapsed should there be a need for a more compact fold ( comes in very handy when traveling or when using a car with limited luggage space. Rotating carry handle allows you to place to and remove the baby from the bassinet with ease.

A zip up bassinet apron protects the baby from the winds and inclement weather and full weather protecting shield is included in the set. All fabrics are easily removable and washable as well.


Uppa Baby Vista bassinet comes as a separate unit, that was also tested for overnight sleeping and can be used as a bassinet with a separate stand. Uppa Baby Vista bassinet also offers an aerated mattress that is in line with ASTM standards. The inner side bassinet lining is removable for easier cleaning, but is not machine washable. While Uppa Baby Vista canopy provides the SPF 50+ protection from the sun and is somewhat comparable to Bugaboo Buffalo, the design of the pull—out portion is very different and looses to Bugaboo in versatility, coverage and simply aesthetics.
There is no option of either breezy sun canopy or a color change for the Vista, although there is a small zip-up portion of the hood itself that allows for additional air flow during the hot days.

The carry handle is paced above on the hood requires using both hands when carrying the bassinet with an infant inside. A protection weather shield is included with a purchase.



Once the bassinet is packed away, the Bugaboo’s signature reclinable and reversible toddler seat takes the reign. A five point quick release harness with individually height adjustable shoulder straps is a big improvement to all 2015 Bugaboo models. The harness straps are very comfortable for the baby, and user-friendly for the parent. The double cushioned design of the generously sized seat provides a comfortable place for the baby and child to rest. Bugaboo’s reclinable and reversible seat is designed to help position the child at perfect angles for maximum comfort and to accommodate the growing baby’s physical and developmental needs. The full recline rest position allows for an easy nap on the go, and the newly added accessory to the Bugaboo family - Bugaboo Stand - there is no need to wake the child up : simply repositioning the seat to the rest position on the Bugaboo Stand will allow the little one to rest uninterrupted.

The concept of an independently functioning seat when combined with the Bugaboo Stand , comes very handy. The toddler attachment turns into a high chair for use anywhere you wish: from home to cafe shops, as the stand is easily collapsible and simple to transport. A large extendable SPF 50+ canopy provides great shield not only from sun, but from wind and other inclement weather conditions, should you get caught off guard away from home without a raincover.


The Uppa Baby Vista toddler seat is designed to grow with the child. The five point harness offers the options to adjust to the child’s size and height. The seat offers a full recline , but unlike Bugaboo, where the legs of the child are supported in a slightly raised position to ensure proper blood flow during the stroller napping on-the-go, UPPA Baby Vista is designed to give the child simply a flat surface, however, that position does not equal to the flat surface of a crib where the child has the ability to turn in his/her sleep and therefore maintain the proper blood circulation.
The next noticeable difference is the quality of textiles. While Uppa Baby Vista catches many eyes from its display at baby boutiques, the beauty of the rainbow coloring dissipates as the days go on just from the typical wear and tear. Contrary to Bugaboo where the textiles can last for a few years , Uppa Baby’s materials seem to loose its luster after a few months of use.

The clever feature of the height adjustable canopy is worth a mention, if you prefer to have a smaller stroller to start with, but expand it a little bit as the child grows. Though sought after by many, the adjustable foot rest in reality does not provide much comfort to the baby past 11 months or so, and just as Bugaboo, the Uppa Baby Vista comes with raincover to protect your most important rider from severe outdoor conditions.




Bugaboo Buffalo was the first stroller from the Bugaboo’s family to introduce a one-piece fold and a stand alone concept. While allowing for a two piece compact fold, Buffalo has the ability to fold as a one piece and will stand on its own , giving the parent the use of hands when needed most.

The ability to switch to a two-wheeled mode combined with a foam-filled wheels makes Buffalo the absolute all-terrain stroller that is ready to tackle practically anything. Bugaboo Buffalo is designed with a seat and a bassinet placement higher then other models. That combined with a height adjustable handle bar makes Bugaboo Buffalo an excellent choice for tall parents.

Bugaboo Buffalo also pioneered the market as the first stroller to offer an official haning-on-the-handle bag that adds to already generous under-basket. The hanging bag comes in very useful when additional storage is necessary without impacting the maneuverability of the stroller, as the design of Bugaboo Buffalo takes the additional bag into account. A secure foot break prevents even a heavy loaded stroller from rolling down on a steep hill, and an ability to fit a wide range of carseats onto a frame with a simple click of adapters makes Bugaboo Buffalo a highly sought-after among new families. The Buffalo frame is also compatible with a newly redesigned riding board and can transport two little children with ease while allowing the parent to walk comfortably.


Just as Bugaboo Buffalo, Uppa Baby Vista offers a one-piece fold and an ability to stand on its own. The large basket under the stroller is great for all the cargo a parent may need while on the go with a small child, but it looses to Bugaboo Buffalo by being approved for only up to 30 lbs. Although the concept of the extendable canopy is a fantastic one, and the seat/bassinet placement is higher then those of Bugaboo, the telescoping handlebar does not extend as high as the Buffalo, making the later actually be the better choice for taller parents.

The shock-absorbing wheels perform great on the city roads, but in the nature there is no comparison to excellence Bugaboo Buffalo rides with. Uppa Baby Vista offers the ability to attach the riding board for an older child and even to convert the stroller into a double mode and allow for a transport of not just two , but three children. However, it comes with a sacrifice of a comfort for a parent and maneuverability for the stroller, an important factor to consider when making a choice.


Although the Uppa Baby Vista is often offered as a “budget choice” for a Bugaboo “look-alike” by many retailers, there is no doubt that there is a significant difference not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also price the point does not differ much.

There is another fact to be considered.

As with everything else Bugaboo produces, the quality control is of the highest priority for the company, which is seen through every detail: sturdy and robust, yet still elegant frame, clever locks to secure the adjustable handle, easy but secure mechanics of attaching wheels , and so on. Bugaboo owns their factories which allows for a hands-on quality control , and are confident in their products enough to offer an additional year of warranty. This something that sets Bugaboo apart from everyone else, and is very valued in today’s world filled with mass-production products, and is worth the higher price ticket not only for its aesthetics and quality, but for the integrity that is behind every design.  


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Motherhood is a wonderful time, but being a first time mother is not an easy quest, which is why we felt it was important to create an "Ask a Specialist" column , where some of the best professionals of different areas that all combine under one spectrum of motherhood will offer their advice on topics that often arise.

Today we are happy to introduce you to Irina Ivanova, a Certified Lactation Specialist, who talks about breastfeeding, a common issue of clogged ducts and how to battle them best.


"Breastfeeding is a special time in a woman’s life. The connection that is created at this stage of life is very deep. For some breastfeeding comes naturally, for others its a thorny path. Today I would like to offer some suggestions as to how to overcome clogged ducts should you ever encounter the issue.

1. A clogged duct doesn’t always mean hardening of tissues. Often it manifests itself simply as tenderness of the breast or a sudden onset of fever. If you are experiencing elevating body temperature and are a breastfeeding mother, the first thought of a common cold may not be the cause of it. Be aware.
2. Don’t fight the fever ( if you can handle it ) : fever is an important factor to consider when trying to resolve the issue of milk stagnation. As clogged ducts release the milk, the fever will go down naturally. If you decide to take fever reducers or painkillers, make sure that you take the ones that are safe in breastfeeding : ibuprofen, etc
3. Do not use warm compresses especially those containing honey, alcohol, resin and so on. Doing so can increase existing inflammation. But you can use Traumeel S or creams containing arnica to help.
4. Don’t limit your liquid intake. The body needs water to fight the clogged ducts (!). Lack of proper hydration will only aggravate the problem. A breastfeeding mother should be drinking around 2,5 liters of water a day.
5. Clogged ducts is the time to get your pump out, as there needs to be milk flow to clear stagnations. If pumping is not effective, then using hands to express milk can be a better solution. There should be no pain when done properly.
6. Do not use heavy pressure to massage out the stagnation sights ( a common home-remedy recommendation ) Bruised breast tissue is not a solution to a problem and such approach is harmful in a long-term run.
7. Place the baby with a chin pointed towards the clogged duct sight. Babies suckle most effectively from that angle.
8. If no changes for better happen in 1-2 days ( or things get worse despite of your efforts even before then),  it’s time to see the specialist: a lactation consultant, your OB, or a professional who has experience with such issues."


Irina Ivanova

Certified Lactation Consultant

ph: 011 7 (916) 636-0922

Материнство - это счастье, но не всегда этот путь лёгок. Именно поэтому мы решили создать отдельную рубрику в Urban Crusing : "Спроси Специалиста" , где лучшие из лучших специалистов разных направлений, но объединяемых одним термином "материнство" , будут отвечать на ваши вопросы и делиться своим мнением и знаниями на волнующих всех мам темы.

 Сегодня у нас в гостях консультант по грудному вскармливанию, Ирина Иванова. Ирина затрагивает острую тему "как бороться с лактостазом" .

Кормление грудью – это особое время  в  жизни женщины. Связь с ребёнком, которая создаётся на этом этапе очень глубокая! У одних мам кормление грудью полностью безоблачно, у других – трудный тернистый путь. И сегодня я хочу  предложить вам несколько советов о том, как пережить лактостаз – застой молока, если вдруг это с вами произошло.

¤ 1.При лактостазе необязательно должно быть уплотнение, может быть просто боль или вдруг непонятно откуда взявшаяся температура.  Если вы кормящая мама, то кроме банальной простуды подумайте о груди.¤

2. Температуру сбивать не нужно специально (если вы можете её переносить), так как температура - важный фактор, помогающий понять, решилась проблема или нет. Когда застой молока уменьшится, температура уйдёт. Если вы решили сбивать температуру, принимайте разрешённые при грудном вскармливании средства. От температуры подойдут ибупрофен (нурофен) и парацетамол.

3. Нельзя применять греющие компрессы - мёд, водка, камфора - запрещённые вещества, они могут усилить воспаление.  Проблемную область можно намазать такими мазями как траумель С и арника.

4. Нельзя ограничивать жидкость. Организму нужна вода, чтобы справиться с застоем (!).  Обезвоживание может усиливать проблему. Хорошее количество жидкости для кормящей мамы за сутки   1,5-2,5 литра.

 5. Застой молока - время, когда нужно сцеживать, так как важно создать движение молока в груди. Но молокоотсос может быть совсем неэффективен в этом случае и тогда лучше сцеживать руками. При сцеживании не должно быть боли. Сцеживание руками профессионала не болезненное. ¤

6. Не нужно "разбивать" застой! С грудью обращайтесь нежно и аккуратно. Синяки на груди после сцеживания недопустимы.  Это  травмирует грудь и может сказаться в будущем далеко идущими негативными последствиями.

¤ 7. Ребёнка прикладывайте подбородочком к застою.  Именно со стороны подбородка малыши сосут эффективнее всего.

8. Если за 1-2 дня нет положительной динамики, обращайтесь к специалисту – консультанту по гв, маммологу, умеющему работать с лактирующей грудью.


Ирина Иванова,

Консультант по грудному вскармливанию,

т. +7 (916) 636-0922