Urban Crusing

4 Moms ? For everyone!

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When Rob Daley and Henry Thorne met for lunch in 2005, the six hour meeting resolved in creation of a company that provides modern parents with innovative, elegant and helpful products, which , as you know , we think is a must for daily busy life of a successful mom or dad on-the-go.

4 Moms Vission to never let fear of failure limit creativity and to be open to chance whenever good ideas presented themselves, and long with passion about what they do combined with treating people like their most important asset ( because they are) goes right along with our philosophy here at Urban Crusing ( and which is precisely why Stokke, the corner stone of Urban Crusing , caught our attention years ago).

A day inside of a flat with little ones is never a challenge when they are contained to a safe play-space. What is - or was before the Breeze - is the storage space for that something that could create that very safe space, because - honestly, who wants to take away even inches in your already overcrowded city apartment? We never did. Built on a thought that "play yards are hard to use, the breeze is easy" , this little creation is truly like no other. You asked , and here is 60 seconds of us showing you how REALLY easy this invention is.

"Like a breeze" may take a whole other meaning for you after this:

Didn't we tell you?

And aren't older brothers the best?! ( sisters are the best too!)

ps: we highly recommend you read up this little book.