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Dinner time

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Whether dinner, supper or breakfast, we believe in being together as a family whenever possible. City living calls for some space-saving ideas, but there is no need to sacrifice the style for it, and the budget doesn't have to suffer either.

Take a trip to Advance Interior Design studios to find yourself a great table and fun chairs. Hop on to the King's Lane during your lunch break for the rug, flat wear and other things "dinner related" from all over the world, and it won't break the bank either ( always a bonus).

And don't forget about the most important person on in the world. A Stokke Steps System with its clever space saving design easily transfers from a bouncer to a chair and grows with your child, while adding to your interior with its modern form.  Seeing your baby smile and coo right by your side will boost your mood no matter the day and create memories you will cherish forever.

That we promise. Trust us.