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Summer time is the time for explorations, beaches and fun. Traveling with the baby doesn't have to be difficult if you have the right tools to assist you along the way.

Here are "WHAT"s and "WHY"s to make you life easy on-the-go:





Whether you are off to the Grand Canyon or the beach, packing 4Moms Breeze with you is a "must". Apart from being modern and stylish, Breeze comes equipped with a bassinet for infants , leak-proof changing pad for "emergencies and necessities", and a travel bag. It folds compact enough to easily pass for a carry-on should you travel by air, it won't take up very much needed space in your trunk if a car is your choice of transportation, and if you travel by foot, swing it over your shoulder and set on the path of exploration.

Why do we love it so much?

You've probably heard that Breeze is easy to fold ( which is true), but did you know that it is simple enough that a pre-teen could do it, yet it remains sturdy AND roomy enough where TWO little ones easily fit? After many trials ( and failures) with other travel cribs and travel yards, we have steered clear away from them all not only because it felt like you need a PhD in mechanical engineering to set one up, but also for another, much more important cause:

we personally never felt like it was truly safe for a child to sleep on a surface what was not perfectly flat , but rather slanted, tilted or bumpy.

Breeze takes care of that one, but very big worry. In fact, we've tested it on our "urban" team babies, and regardless of location ( from beaches to hotel rooms) , the babies snoozed perfectly peaceful ( and all the way to the morning) , taking one of the big stress factors : THE naps and nighttime, making the vacations be what they are supposed to be - restful and fun. Imagine that!





Now that the nighttime arrangements are done, a very necessary part is the the travel itself.

Babies have an infinitely amazing ability to want to be held just as you are asked to present your passport when going through customs check or when your two hands are managing the 10 suitcases - all of which are necessary - that you just picked up from the baggage claim. Sometimes you just don't want to bring a stroller.   That is why Stokke MyCarrier is Heaven-sent for every parent with a child under 3. Multiple carrying options to accommodate babies from birth all the way to when they would rather walk then be carried, unique to Stokke "happy hips" pouch, head support for napping on the go,  optional back support removable bar for extra support and better weight distribution ( when carrying a heavier child) and clever pockets at the waist for keys, phone and other necessities - Stokke MyCarrier is that one thing we never leave without.

Should you be the one who prefers strollers or have more then one little one to keep track of, Stokke Scoot is our choice above all for easy travel. It is compact. It is light. It is sturdy. It is the genius crossover of full size stroller benefits with all the compact stroller conveniences. It's high enough to substitute for a high chair at a cafe, it folds with one hand, stands by itself and turns at your thought with a fingertip. It has a large basket for all the souvenirs or necessities you want to bring and then some. And your little one can be at peace while exploring the new places by facing you, or  if you have an older child that prefers to look out, Scoot facing direction can be easily changed and just as easily adjusted when the nap time arrives while you are exploring Notre Dame de Paris.  Stokke Scoot is definitely the all around winner for easy travel.

But no matter the stroller choice, make sure to grab the aircraft crew favorite Pram Pack to make your transitions easier and protect your baby gear. Although designed by Stokke, Pram Pack is suitable for most brands and performs more then excellent when it domes to protecting your baby gear. Smart features include a telescoping handle and premium baggage wheels for easy handling through the airport. The travel bag stores compactly when not in use - simply roll the Stokke PramPacksleeping bag style. Originally designed in collaboration with and according to the guidelines of aircraft travel, Pram Pack IS the aircrew favorite. Be ready to answer many questions on your accessory of choice, you will be asked ( and complimented) .





And we are to the last - not least - bit of a travel must : the baby bag. Our choice lays solidly with Petunia Pickle Bottom bags for original design and multiple style options , guaranteed to offer something to everyone. Whether stylish prints, solid colors or leather , Petunia Pickle Bottom's designs are roomy with many compartments for easy organization (nothing is worse then digging through what suddenly looks like a million items to find a pacifier for a wailing baby when everyone around ( or better yet - on the plane!) are "lovingly" staring at you) and a hidden changing pad and pouch for safe and quick changes on the go. Designed with modern women in mind, Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are stylish enough for you to want to keep one even after you are long done with the "baby stage". Makes a perfect camera bag too, if we may add from experience.


Hat, booties and a change of clothing. Our pick here is Zutano clothing for very cute and bright designs and impeccable quality that will stand up to 1001 spit up and equally 1001 washes and STILL look like new. The floppy hats are the cutest , and the booties to keep the little feet warm will actually STAY no matter the kicker. We tested them for days, and then went back and got some more. Unbeatable. Trust us.

Toys to keep on hand: although you are traveling to a fun place , no doubt, you do need something to occupy those that may not enjoy the lectures and tours you find so fascinating. We always turn to Sprout baby store for their high standards and philosophy that goes right along ours - only the best ( and safest ) for the baby. With several physical locations and online shop, your needs will be covered for everything, including steal sippy cup ( no more cracks and leaks!) and lotions and potions that are organic and safe for the little baby's skin.

Now, that your traveling basics are covered, pick your destination and enjoy the time!