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What does your bag tell about you?

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The launch of Petunia Pickle Bottoms newest Fall Collection caused many "ooh"s and "aah"s from women from all over the world. New prints and color selections for this season, beautiful as they are, had to share the well-deserved first place and allow the spotlight to shine on a newest addition to Petunia Pickle Bottom's family - a Hideaway Hobo. With the most non-diaper bag design, yet somehow extremely baby-friendly, stylish prints and a great price point, Hideaway Hobo has already won many hearts since the launch of the collection just a few days ago.

Since we are on the topic of bags, it is interesting to note that many psychologists are of the opinion that a woman's purse is not just an important accessory adding to the look, but one of the ways to peek into a woman's inner world.

Can that really be? And can a seemingly small accessory such as a bag really tell the stranger more about ourselves then we would like them to know? Here is what specialists claim to be true:



"The owners of large bags are goal-oriented, intelligent and energetic. They are typically also loving wives and caring mothers. The woman that prefers a large bag tends to not complicate things and chooses simple solutions and logic in everything.

The ladies with small purses share the unique sense of humor and keen minds. They are certain in what they wish for from their lives. They are charming in their looks and have an ethereal appearance about them.

Those that choose sharp looking bags are the women of business-like mentality. They also tend to choose business dress even on weekends and dislike high attention levels in regards to selves.



Bags of interesting and original designs belong to those that are against any type of conservative thinking. Those women radiate confidence but... they are rather vulnerable inside and take everything close to the heart. 



Those that choose black colored bags know how to count the money. The woman with a black bag will not talk too much and by nature is an introvert. She may take her time looking for a companion to share her life with, but she is rarely mistaken in her choice.

Bright colored bags typically belong to active, daring personalities that like to live their lives to the fullest. But their mood is prone to rapid changes just like the weather in San Francisco.

Light, warm tones tell the outsiders that the owner is a romantic woman in her nature. She is also a one of the curious nature, enormous heart, and her character does not lack self-forth, quite the opposite. "



Where does your personality fall? Or does it change? And if you are fall in the best category of all - the chameleon, Petunia Pickle Bottom is generously offering a 20% OFF ORDERS placed at petunia.com for Urban Crusing readers with the code PPBOH20 from now until August 31. Do take advantage to spice up your fall wardrobe!

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