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Modern baby nursery corner

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Tight on space? Not a problem! A modern baby living space doesn't have to take up an entire room, and your living space doesn't have to scream "baby lives here" either.

Our choice of baby sleeping arrangement lies with Stokke again for its modern and atypical design providing you with what Stokke does best : safe environment for the baby,  and pleasing aesthetics for the parents. Not to forget that Stokke furniture is made to grow with your child, the investment becomes very light on the wallet too.

A Stokke Sleepi Mini that fits easily through the standard doorway fits everywhere where you need it to be - place it in your room for the night to be close to the little one and save you from middle of the night feeding trips, or roll in away from the room if you wish, to give you some -oh, so needed - privacy and let your newborn sleep. When the time comes, Sleepi Mini easily converts into the regular size sleeping crib while still maintaining its benefits.

Keep baby's necessities in within the easy reach yet stowed out of site with Stokke Care. Smart design lets your baby see your face during changes. We promise, you and your little one will love the changes, and your back will thank you too. Don't really think you need a changing table? What if you knew that it can be changed into a sleek modern desk? It's stylish enough that you may want to "borrow" it from you little one. And maybe even forever. We love it, see it in action here.

Add a great chair for those 3 am feeding sessions, some cool art, a great rug - and the "baby corner" will be the spark of conversations when company arrives, and we guarantee, your taste will be admired.  Oh, and if you have another little someone special, little chairs and table will create a Montessori-friendly play station what you both will love too. Need some fun toys?  Our choice lays with Sprout for environmentally friendly and safe for the most important people you have in your life.