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Sprouting up!

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If you haven't been to a Sprout Baby store yet, put in on a calendar alerts and make sure to stop by: classes ranging from diapering for dads, CPR ( and everyone needs that) to baby yoga , modern decor , interesting toys and cool baby gear will keep you occupied for hours.

Why does Sprout have a special place in our hearts?

With a mission " to help make your home the healthiest and happiest place it can be for your child to live and grow " Sprout goes right along with the view that we have here at Urban Crusing. The fact that Sprout meticulously evaluates every product they carry - from clothing, toys, baby care, bedding, to nursery items - to ensure it’s free from anything that might harm your baby is enormous helping hand for modern parents, making it just one less thing to worry about. And who wouldn't want that?

Here is a peak into Sprout's new addition to the family that made it official opening just a little less then 2 weeks ago:

 Not in the area? No problem. Look through Sprout's website! You may not be able to participate in Dad's approved Diapering 101 class, but you can surely learn a lot of information . It's a treasure chest, literally.

ps: we also saw Stokke newest catalogs there! make sure to pause on a San Francisco story!